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If you are thinking of making a career change or launching in a new field as a beginner, these are 4 things for you to consider before committing.

The Right Way to Look at Career Planning

If you’re evaluating the possibility of changing careers, there are four things I want you to start looking for because, frankly, most of you have an idea of what you want to do but you don’t necessarily know how to go about evaluating as to whether it’s a good idea. Now, there are no guarantees in following this format but I think that you’ll find them make a lot of sense.

When you start weighing the options, the first thing to consider is what are you passionate about? ‘I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m passionate about.’ Yes, you do. You’re just afraid to say it. Just write down anything that you’re passionate about and that you enjoy. Do you enjoy watching TV? Do you enjoy sports? What do you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy hiking? Think of what you’re passionate about.

Number two is what are you good at? You know, I may enjoy sports, but I’m not going to be an NBA basketball player. But what can I do that I am good at that might relate to sports.

Number three is what do people or society or your tribe of people value? And number four is, what would they pay for? Now, three and four are very important because, ultimately, you may go off and want to do something, but there’s no money in it. You may not be able to afford doing it for very long. Your own savings will dwindle and diminish until you hit zero. And then you’re going to have to go back to something else.

All four of these things are important. Don’t shortcut any of this. Take your time. Start talking to people to sound out your ideas. You’ll find this framework works very well.



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