In this video, I explained four questions you should ask at the end of your second interview so that you understand what their expectations are when the next steps will be, and whether they have any reservations about you.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in many many different ways.
Today I want to talk with you about your job search
and your second interview. I'm treating the second interview as being the one with
the hiring manager when I'm asking or I'm doing this video. And I want to
offer you four questions that you might ask at the
end of the interview. Now, there's one that can precede but
it's an optional situation. That's one if you've been asked
something that gives you cause for pause and you need
clarification. So, you can ask a clarifying question to
start off. But the four questions I want you to
always ask is let's say you hire me and I come on
board. What would your expectations of me be
for the first 30, 60, 90 days? And it's a fun
question because they all know how to answer that. That's because they know what
you're going to be doing at the beginning
and they'll say fairly predictable things. But the next question is an
important one. Let's say you hire me and I come on
board and it's a year from now and you are really happy with the
decision you made to hire me. What will I have accomplished during
that year that will make you think that way?
What this question allows you to learn is what success is going to look
like for you in the new role. And you're not
asking "what will success look like for me," because,
again, that's a question that they know how to answer.
You're framing the question a little bit differently so you get a different kind
of answer. The third question is
"So, what would the next steps be in the process?
When might expect to hear back from you about the next steps
that will occur? You'll hear certain types of answers.
One is "I've got a lot more people to talk with. I'll be back to you after
we're done with this round," which basically translates into don't
call us. We'll call you. The second type of answer is, "You'll
probably hear from HR early part of next week."
Fairly non-committal but you follow up by saying, "and if I haven't heard from
them, is it okay if I follow up, let's say,. Wednesday or Thursday?"
"Sure, no problem," or "wait." Wait basically tells you
leave us alone. We're not interested.".. You follow up, maybe we're interested
maybe we're not. Fairly ambivalent. But if they say
"Yeah, early part of next week, you'll hear from me or from HR to schedule you back
to meet with three more people," obviously, they're being specific and
obviously they're being interested. Final question and this is a great
question that allows you one last chance to change their mind.
Is there anything that you've heard or not heard
that gives you reason to hesitate about whether i'm qualified to do this job?
Now remember, not all hiring managers are skilled at asking
questions and they may frame things in a particular way that leads
you in one direction where they meant something very different.
So what this question allows you to to hear is what their reservations are
about you. It doesn't mean that they're not going
to lie but sometimes, often you'll hear a truthful response.
And sometimes, their question caused you to think one
way. like I said and they wanted something
different. Thus you can reply by saying,
"Oh! When you were asking about such and such, you wanted me to talk about this
and i spoke about that. Could I tell you about my experience
with that?" ""Sure no problem." What often happens
is you're able to correct the misimpression.
So these four questions go a long way in that that you learn
what will success look like for you in the job,
you have a sense of their timetable for next steps and they
will give you hints about their interest, and you also have an opportunity to
correct any misimpressions that they have. I hope you
found this helpful. There's a lot more on my website,
Go there and go exploring. Hope you have a great day.
Take care


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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