October 8, 2020
In this video, I explained four questions you should ask at the end of your second interview so that you understand what their expectations are, when next steps will be, and whether they have any reservations about you.
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Performance Reviews
One of the simplest, funniest, and obvious remarks about the insanity of the workplace comes from Coach Lance Secretan when he talks about the idea of the performance review.
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Be Congruent During Your Job Interview
By J Hernandez  When you interview for a job make sure what you say about yourself truly matches who you are. It is not hard for an interviewer to tell that you are not the sort of person you claim to be. But candidates continue to make the mistake of trying to portray themselves as someone...
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How Many Points Are There on Earth Where You Can Travel . . . ?
How many points are there on earth where you can travel 1 mile south, then 1 mile east, then 1 mile north, and end up in the same spot you started in? 
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You can't just sit there and have a mental column in your head and start going, "one, 3,6, 10 …" There is just no time for that. 
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