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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ.com, and NoBSCoachingAdvice.com. There is an interesting phenomena takes place with many businesses and it's the phenomena of who gets the attention on your staff. Is it the people who are the high performers or the people who are the, shall we say, "problem people."

I was reminded of that yesterday when I was talking with someone who I coach. He runs a couple of businesses and, you know, one of the hard things in these times is keeping staff. The told me a story about a guy he'd hire two weeks before who goes to him. He was upset because he invested time and effort in the person and they just disappeared. It was interesting to talk with him further about his staffing issues and discover that most of these attention tends to get focused on "problem people,"

I'd been to his places a couple of times and picked up on two good performers at them. He acknowledged that. "Oh, you spot two of my better people." Not difficult to find. You just have to notice them. And I've got to ask him, "How much attention do you give them? How are you helping them feel good about their work? Are you just taking them for granted and fixated on the problem people?" That struck a chord with him as it may with you.

Often what happens is in organizations, we're trying to fix the broken toys, and we don't pay enough attention to the successes in the organization. The result winds up being the successful people feel taken advantage of and taken for granted. They hear no compliments, no praise whatsoever, and the result winds up being they get frustrated, leave, because they're working hard. Management takes them for granted.

Eventually someone says, "you know, I've got a place where I'll treat you right . . . " And they leave.

Focus on a lot of the positive people and do continuous interviewing. Continuous interviewing and hiring suggests that you're going to lose poor performers and the result will wind up being that you'll need to replace those people that you lose or want to get rid of and try a different group.

Get clear about what you want this person to do and have done and how you'll evaluate for it once they're on board. Make it clear to them what your expectations are, and watch them, particularly at the beginning. If they can't meet your expectations, they're not going to get any better. All that's going to happen is you're going to get frustrated and they're going to feel like you're nagging and that's a bad dynamic.

Hire people. Watch them. See if they can meet your goals. Obviously, they're not going to be like a person who's been with you for a year or two right away but are they trying to they appear to care? Are they asking their colleagues for advice and help? What are they doing to mesh themselves in your environment so that you know that they really care about doing work.

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