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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter delivers tough love about a situation that happens much too often.

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I've always been a big believer that everyone in an organization has to get on the same page immediately about what they're looking for when they're hiring. That's all the people in the department when they're trying to interview, what's communicated to HR, the job requirement. Everyone has to be on board. Let me just tell you about something that happened to me this week (NOTE: I no longer do recruiting)
I was contacted by a firm to fill four positions. Great! I love this! Two obscure technologies. Okay, I do this all the time. I love working on obscure technologies. So, I find four people for the jobs to start off. I knew one wasn't right and it was a test that scenario and then, I told them that, and they respond back say, " this person isn't right for that reason, " They'll find I had assessed the properly. I should replace that person with another. So, I now have four people for four jobs. All, I'm looking for at this point is constructive feedback.
They talk to one person. "This person is terrific. I want to get him back to meet and to talk to so-and-so person who was overseas on a trip.” Couldn't do it. They tried to sell substitute someone else in the interview process. That person wound up not making themselves available. It's now a week later for this person for this person they were excited about. I emailed the HR person. I reached her yesterday. This is what I hear. They are rethinking the jobs and what they really need.
Okay. This is from beginning to end, this is 10 days, by the way. 10 days and they are re-thinking it. Why wasn’t it thought through the beginning? Why wasn't everyone on board with what was being looked for at the beginning? Now, this is one of the things that makes me, as a recruiter nuts is, on your side, when you do things that are helter-skelter and you lurch this way and then you go, "stop," and I'm expected to be happy about this because I've invested time and effort and resources (which is money, by the way), into working on something and then you're going, "Stop!"
All I want is a clear picture of what you're looking for. Now. I've got to imagine this from the job hunter's perspective. "We love him. We love him. We got to talk to him! We've got to talk to him. Oh, he's terrific! This guy's going to wrap up so quickly," and then it's a week later from when the substitute interviewer couldn't make themselves available.
So, just recognize the impact that your behavior on everyone in this process. Now, you can rationalize this away till you're blue in the face. There's no excuse for It. If I went to you and said and handed you a resume of someone that you thought was perfect and then I can't produce them, you'd be angry at me, right? And rightly, so. I wouldn't have done my job properly. Well, the fact is you haven't done your job properly.

So, I just want to encourage you, before you give out requirements, before you start interviewing, get on the same page. This isn't about changing your mind midstream. In this example, it's 10 days in. This could have been all solved before hand instead of wasting people's time. Don't waste time. Don't waste others time. You're screwing them


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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