It is hard to get people to take action. They want to do something for themselves and not for you.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach, I help people and organizations be more effective in a variety of different ways.
Here I've got some No BS Coaching Advice and I'll just simply say it comes from a situation from a group I'm involved with. I saw two individuals speak last night in front of about 45-50 people. Each of them was circling back to something that they spoke with the group about previously. One was involved with a not for profit, the other one wanted a number more to attend to play the have a lot of meaning for him. So, in the case of the first one, he had the original not for profit operator, come in to speak with us, talk with us about what he was doing. . . And he's doing some interesting stuff, no question about that.
The other one had seen a play that really touched him deeply and he wanted to share that experience. It was about sexual abuse of women and it was done extremely well; I've spoken with him about it and neither had really gotten the response that they had hoped for. There was a polite nod at the time of each presentation and then very little. The play was seen by one person; the volunteer opportunity, no one has really stepped up to really be involved with.
People vote with their behaviors. We nod knowingly and we need to be inspired. Your staff will need to be inspired, the people that you work with will need to be inspired to move out of what they normally do every day and take action. After all, to see the plan. It has to be done. They have to be available at a particular date and time to go see it. They actually have to get into their cars and drive there. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it starts to add up. These will become obstacles to doing things.
People tell you a lot by what they say and don't say. What they do and don't do. If you think this is a could be a video about how to deal with that, the first thing is just to acknowledge and notice what's really going on behind the nods and behind the smiles and just understand there takes a lot to get people to do things these days. It's not so easy anymore, even with your friends. It's not that easy.
I'm Jeff Altman. I hope you found this helpful. Visit There's a lot more there that will be of help to you.
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