I was recently interviewed by Coach Inga Bielinska about 3 questions I might start a career coaching session with. They are simple and challenging

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Hi, it's Inga Bielinska, an executive coach and you are watching "Question of the Day series. Today, I have a great pleasure to have Jeff Altman with me. Hi, Jeff, how are you?
"I'm feeling great, too. Even better because you agreed to share insightful questions with my viewers. But before you do it, I will say a few words about you. Okay. So first of all, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, that's the words has come to my mind. You are a career and leadership coach and, as well, you are a head coach in JobSearchCoachingHQ.com and, my favorite, NoBSCoachingAdvice.com. You've got a podcast, No BS Job Search Advice radio, which is available, and its top one on Apple and belongs to top 10 podcasters job search. Apart from that, if people don't like this listening, and they prefer watching, they can check your JobSearchTV.com channel at YouTube, which, as well Is Top 10 on YouTube channel for job search.
"They people can check your 6000 videos, am I right? 6000! 6000! Oh, my God . . . and these videos are around job search, of course, hiring and managing and being effective at work. So, Wow, that's impressive. I'm really happy that you are here the person with a lot of experience and a lot of expertise.
Thank you, I appreciate being invited on.
Okay, so, Jeff, the reason you're here is to share some insightful questions with my viewers. So what is the question of the day?

It's actually going to be a sequence of questions and, when you asked me to come on, and speak about career coaching, I was thinking of the kind of work that I do where I help someone re-position themselves in their career, rather than begin the hunt. So, in doing that, the questions I work with are, "Who are you, " because I want to ground someone. I want to bring them back from the frenzy of their work day, as so many people are manic. So I want to ground you, again, and bring it back down to earth so we can start getting to the core of what's going to be important to you. So question number one in this sequences? Who are you?
Question number two is, "What do you want to be when you grow up? Who are you trying to prove this to because, so many of us, in terms of what our aspirations are, are trying to prove someone something to someone from our past. We're working toward dispelling some belief system that we've taken on from elsewhere. In doing that, maybe your aspirations aren't really yours. They're' someone else's, maybe they are you yours. So, I want to understand who you want to be when you grow up.
The third thing is, "What's most important to you in the next job or organization? What will you need to see or hear to believe it's the right choice for you?" Once you've done that, and we spend a little time talking about . . . I'm going to ask you to prioritize your answers. because, frankly, I want you to create a long list. Once you prioritize that, I want to invite you to tell me how you're going to recognize it in the course of an interview, career search, whatever it is that we're working on together about.
So, it's not enough to have a question for the kind of work you do. It's about the sequence and how it brings someone to the place where they start getting an awareness and understanding. Maybe we can start working on that transformation.

That's great, Jeff. Really, really thank you for the sequence of questions and for your insight that one question a question is not enough sometimes.
Thank you.
I hope all the viewers will find it useful as well. Speak to you all tomorrow.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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If you have questions for me, call me through the Magnifi app for iOS (video) https://thebiggamehunter.us/magnifi or PrestoExperts.com (phone)

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