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EP 1523 Here are a few things to remove from your resume.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach of and Today I want to talk with you about . . . it's a dumb mistake that people make with their resume. That's including too much stuff that irrelevant.
Next, "references available upon request." Don't even include references. Don't even provide personal references, name, contact and phone number. Basically, you're giving recruiters ways to back channel reference check you and, frankly, ignore you because, usually what happens is, they would rather go to the reference than to you. You're less experienced than the reference. Why would they bother with the second fiddle that can cause them to not consider you.
What you want to be doing is building on your more recent experience, rather than your antiquities. So, focus hit on stuff that makes sense. Don't put in the stuff from the Stone Ages because those are roles you're not really going to be interested in and work that you don't really want to do . . . and, frankly, they're gonna want to hire you based upon that work because it's too old AND it reveals that you're an old person! So, remove it from your resume. So just a few ideas of things to get out.
Now, the first point I'm going to make, if you're a recent grad, this doesn't apply to you, and that is the notion that you're putting in way too much stuff about your college years. If you're a recent grad, that's really all you've got going on but if you're someone who has a few years in the field, no one cares what clubs you belonged to in college. They don't really care all that much about your GPA unless you're valedictorian or got a ridiculously high degree. What they care about is what you've done. So, don't include too much detail.
Next, fellowships. Internships. Prizes. The same thing applies. If you are a White House fellow, if you got an internship to that's unusually well regarded. If you receive the fellowship, or an award that was extraordinary within your your sector, you include that. For most of you, that's not the case. What you're doing is filling space that could be better used for information related to your work life. Get rid of internships at this point. Get rid of fellowships. Stuff along those lines.
The last point I want to make is, if you're someone who is, I want to say my age, I'm at the point where most people aren't looking to hire someone of my age. But the theme still involves you're concerned about ageism. If there's anything from your distant past, that would allow firms to inject ageism into the equation, get rid of it.
Very few firms want to hire based upon something that you did 15, 20 years ago and, if they did, the role really isn't going to be all that interesting to you because, frankly, it relates to the old stuff that you did. Do you really want to go back and do stuff related to, I don't know, the pre-9/11 days or, recently, after that? I'm doing this in 2017. I think you get my point.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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