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Thoughts about a topic many of us wrestle with.

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This is good be a short one today where I talk about work-life balance.

I want to talk with you today about work-life balance. Is it a rumor for you? Is it a joke when they say that term? Is work-life balance been thrown out the window years ago in deference to 90 hour work weeks?

When all is said and done, a lifetime is not a long time. If you start looking at the edges of that 90 hour week, there are places where you can shave off time and shave off tasks that you don't really need to be doing.

At the end of your life, when you're lying on your deathbed, how many of you are going to say to yourself, "You know that memo I wrote back in 2015 really sucked."

When all is said and done, yes, there is an impact on your organization. But you can train others to do some of the things that you're doing now. When push comes to shove, I think you'll find that's far more valuable than the time you are taking on it.

Spend some time throwing the ball around with your son or daughter. Spend some time with your wife/husband/partner… Whoever is important to you. Get out of the office. It out from lunch a little bit.

I want to encourage you to spend some time with yourself. I think you'll find that if you scale back a little bit, I believe you get better results do it in less time.

I hope you have a great day. Take care!


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