EP 134 There have been so many magic moments recently to notice and learn from. Listening to people I coach, noticing stories from sports, all wonderful learnings.

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This is the No BS Coaching Advice Podcast, Episode 134. I'm your host, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. I like to spend some time, at least weekly, talking with you about some aspect of life, the universe, everything, I must tell you everything. And there's so many things I've kind of accumulated over the last week or two that I just think are worthwhile to bring up.

SEGMENT 1. We're going to start off with a segment about words and how you talk yourself down. How you criticize yourself and minimize yourself. Here are a couple of words that people use to kind of minimize what they know or what they've done.
Here's the first word. Just. Not in terms of justice, that'd be great. But in terms of "I just did this." "You know, I just know about that."
Man, what's the signal that you're sending? I don't know much.
How about this one? "Light." I have a light amount of experience with or, you know, what I know is kind of light. Not real knowledgeable, are you?
How about this one? One of my favorites. "Only."
"I've only done this or that."
When you use words like this, what you're doing is sending a signal not to pay attention to anything you say on the subject? It shows a lack of confidence. Why are you doing that? You may know more than enough for this particular person. Let's find out instead of making the decision for them.

SEGMENT 2. It times it seems like we get into bad habits. And one of the bad habits is we stop learning and, thus, we get into that habit of minimizing ourselves. At the end of each day, I want you to consider asking yourself this question. "What have I learned today?" What have I learned today?
Now, it doesn't have to be the most significant thing in the world but take a note down for yourself. What have I learned today? See how that helps you grow over the course of time.
You know, what I find is once I start paying attention to what I learned each day, I find that I learn much more. I grow a heck of a lot. I really develop my expertise that much more. I'm also a lot happier.
I know when I went to grad school, and more than a decade later, went to coach training, while I was school and while I was working a very busy professional schedule, I felt great. I was stretching my mind. Acknowledging that your and recognizing that you're stretching your mind always helps people feel better. I'm telling you, it works every time.
SEGMENT 3. The New York Yankees have had a ton of injuries to deal with this season. As a result they brought in many players from other organizations that were good minor leaguers, but never really performed well at the major league level. One of those players was a man named Gio Urshela who's playing third base for them initially when the first major wave of injuries hit. Then as players started to come back, he wound up sitting on the bench for a while before got getting summoned back into action, yet again.
Now understand the kind of progress this guy has made. you know for his career, including this season. He has now a .251 career batting average. Translated 175 hits in 698 at bats. Not real good. By comparison, this year 70 hits in 232 at bats, hitting over .300.
Coming off the bench like he did and being asked to play for a couple of weeks after sitting on the sidelines . . . man, this guy has really kicked it up a notch. And, you know, yesterday was a game where he got the leading run in a 2-2 game with a slide that initially the the umpire called him out on but, upon review, he was called safe on an incredibly acrobatic move.
Earlier in the game, he had driven in the first two runs. It's amazing what he has done. And the story here is really about being ready when you get an opportunity as you will get opportunities. Be ready to step up which means you're doing the work before.
Yes, there may be a certain amount that you'll learn by being thrown into the fray. But you have to be ready for those moments. Otherwise, they go by you and you may never have another opportunity again. Always remember, always remember that there will be opportunities in your life, you'll have more at some point, but when they come up, you don't want to miss them. They are a gift for you.

SEGMENT 4. Playing in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon, Serena Williams was in a match where, to put it very frankly, she was struggling. It was 1-1 going into the third and her opponent Allison Riske, commented afterwards that Serena kicked it up a gear "as only a champion can."
Notice. "As only a champion can."
You've got another gear. I want you to go in there when you need it and find that gear and kick it up. Really kick it up. There's no reason to coast and try and be cool. You want to win. You want to excel. You want to be extraordinary. You've got to find that champion's gear within you. I'm telling it, it's there, go find it. You've been a winner before. Pull out that gear and kick it up a lot of notches.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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