Among the myriad mistakes a hiring manager can make, what is THE BIG ONE that flies under the radar?

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This is a video for hiring managers, business owners, anyone who's involved with the hiring process and can wind up affecting the decision. It's about the mistake I see way too many hiring managers make. HR makes them to some degree, but the hiring manager is really on point for making this mistake. The mistake is comparing the individual who's sitting in front of you with the one who is leaving this role or the one that you're trying to replace. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what this person was like. I want to remind you of something.
When that person joins you, they aren't the finished product they are today. You have to remember them as they were on day one when they walked in the door nervous and uncomfortable and didn't know what to do in the role that you assigned them for. By comparing the person who sitting in front of you with the finished product, provided you are providing an unfair benchmark.
You see, you need someone who can do the job. Sometimes you hold out for a higher level of skill than is necessary and wind up creating the conditions that cause the frustration that so many job hunters feel.
You know, there's a statistic that says within 90 days of a of a new hire, I think it's half of all hiring managers experience buyer's remorse. Well, the same is true for job hunters, as well. They start to have regrets about the decision that they made to draw join. I think the statistic I saw there was 60% of them do. You're mis-hiring people doing it the way you've been doing it all along. You may think that you're getting "a bargain," " a discount." After all, you're getting so much more. But what you're also doing is getting new headaches that you will need to address.
The cost of hiring is expensive, whether you're paying someone like me a fee (I no longer do recruiting), or all the man hours that go into the evaluation and assessment process, the approval of the req, the meetings to discuss what went wrong, the post- mortem for the hire that left after two months, because it wasn't the job they expected, or it wasn't the job that they expected because you oversold it.
Stop comparing people sitting in front of you with the one who has left who you need to replace. It's not the right strategy. Just look at it from the standpoint of "can this person do the job?" Do they have upside?
That last person had upside. You wants to see what their upside is. I've made a suggestion in another video for one of the tests that you can give. I commented most interviews are kind of like game shows. You put people in an isolation booth. You ask them a bunch of questions. Watch how they perspire. They get all kinds of nervous. All we've done is create a quiz show.
Instead, I suggest, and have fun with this one, invite people to bring a resource with them that they can call upon during the next interview. It can be a computer. You can give them access to a computer. Just encourage them to bring something with them in order to evaluate this, to contact individuals, to get some advice, give them an incredibly difficult problem and 15 minutes to solve it. Then, talk with them afterwards about resolving their problem.
It will go a long way toward helping you evaluate people.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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