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For many, this is one of “the great mysteries.” After all, a job hunter can learn from what they are told. Then, there is the real reason.

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The question for today is, "Why don't recruiters give feedback after rejecting someone for a job?"
So, we don't know if this is a corporate recruiter or third-party recruiter, but I think the answers are pretty similar throughout. The reason most the time, . . . well, there's a couple of reasons. But reason number one is they forget. I know that's not one that you want to hear but, believe it or not, people are human beings, even if they're recruiters, and they forget to do it.
But let's assume that it's intentional. The intentional reason is they don't want to get into an argument. We live in litigious societies, and people and organizations get sued. So the notion of "too light," often shows up.
"What do you mean I'm too light?? I answered all their questions!" But you did it badly or you did it in an immature or amateurish kind of way. Suddenly there's an argument that takes place.
How does it help the corporation? How does that help to the third party recruiter? All that's happening is there's an argument where you're blaming the individual on the phone for the fact that their client or the hiring manager didn't see the value in hiring you. They didn't see that you were a solution to the problem.
Now, some of that could have been your performance; some of it can be completely arbitrary. Some of it could have been inferred by the answer to the first part of the question that you gave that wasn't good enough for them to go to the second part. So I can understand, from their standpoint.
And I get that you want to know what to do better so you can perform better on your next interview. But that doesn't help them. There's nothing in that for them. All they get is the argument. No one ever says, You know, you're right." Never happens.
I did search for more than 40 years. No one ever said to me, "You know, they were absolutely right about that. I really didn't know that." It also begs the question of why you would have been interviewed if you didn't know the significant thing for the job. But that goes for another topic.
I'll just simply say, there's nothing in a corporation's interest to tell you and from a third party recruiter standpoint, they want to try placing you in another job. They don't want to argue. They don't want to defend their client. They're just the messenger for bad news. As such, even if, like, they got to a point pretty early on, I would just message people to let them know they were rejected. Sometimes, I must in all candor, say I didn't do that because I got into arguments. Eventually I got to the point where I just email, a generic generic message that indicated my client had turned them down. I'm going to keep looking at other things.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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