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EP 1393  I discuss a career mistake that I headed off someone from making.

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I was speaking with someone who I coach who discussed a situation he was in. We are preparing for an interview that he was doing and then discuss the situation that he was in. There is a guy who has joined his organization who has a lot of power and authority. This guy seems to be gunning for someone in my client's group. The person is in over their head, they are doing well enough, even though the person Is in fact doing great. They want my coaching client to interview someone for the same role.

The person who I coach suggested that this individual is negotiating some deals and that they should ride it out for a few months longer Because of this person you want me to interview comes on and doesn't produce it may come back to haunt you. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Sure. That sounds interesting" A day later, the 2 of them meet and lo and behold, he is pushing this person out the door and wants my client to interview someone to replace them.

What's the message here? The message is that there are tea leaves the need to be spelled out.. You can't stall a freight train with ideas. That's because a freight train is coming if it is going to come for you.

In this particular case, the way I read the tea leaves is pretty simple-- The new guy with power steps in and wants my guide to replace a person reports to him. That puts my client in the middle here. My guy time tries to temporarily hold off the freight train with the suggestion that could impact this person. However, the fact of the matter is one person wants another one gone and replaced with someone of his choosing and then later can put the squeeze on my guy.

Pay attention. There are messages that your boss or people in authority are sending you. Sometimes they are great messages and sometimes they are not. You can try to put your head down and work harder (I know I have made that mistake) but the fact is, when the train is coming down the tracks in your in the way, guess what is going to happen? It is going to run you over.

Rather than let it run you over, be proactive and take steps to get ready.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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