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Here are 6 tough questions I found that will help you prepare for an interview with The Board.

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I was looking for some questions for senior professionals. And I found a website, Miles had a couple of great questions. I'm not going to take the time to answer these or offer you suggestions. I'm just going to read off some of the things that Miles points to in his article. These are geared towards C level executives who are interviewing with the board. For those of you who are more junior, learn. Learn what the board cares about. So here are six questions that you might be asked and I think they're very solid questions that will help you organize your thinking at a minimum.
Question number one. Before going into specific questions, could you please tell us from a snapshot perspective about your background and how you believe this has prepared you for this potential position? Focus your thoughts on the organizational level and how these experiences have added to your leadership capabilities. So, this is, as he says, a leadership preparedness question.
Number two. Please describe and define your leadership style and approach in an organizational setting. Feel free to utilize examples, situations of how you reach the strategic goal through your leadership. So, what they're looking for is keyword descriptors such as collaborative. So, think in terms of the things that they might care about.
Number three. If you were selected as our next Chairman, and we were looking back over the first year of your leadership, what might we be summarizing in an evaluation. So, this is a first year vision for the role.
Number four. Basing your knowledge of where the organization has been over the last few years and where we are today, what is your vision for the next few years for the board and the organization. So this relates to any specific initiatives that a person would bring to their leadership in the first year. So this is about tactics more than anything.
Number five, please share your global perspective on the future of our industry and your thoughts on how the organization may support our members and assist the industry as we move forward? A visioning question.
Number six. Please share with us why you believe you should be selected for this position, and say reasons why these attributes are important to the current and future success of the organization. So, looking for style and confidence without it being about brag.
These are a series of questions I think, senior professionals should be prepared for, because a board is a different kettle of fish. They are not in the weeds most of the time, although there was one tactical question there. They want to get a sense of how you think, what you've accomplished from your past, and what your future might be like and what you're trying to drive as your impact on the new organization.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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