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I observed something while I was traveling that was confirmed as a habit too many people engage in.

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I just came back from a trip and stumbled into a scene that was a perfect example of stupid management. You know how some organizations like to huddle up the team to provide praise for people who've done some good things? I think that's a great idea.
The "however" is when all you do is focus on the managers in the group. What's the message that you're sending to the people? Now, that's what I saw when I walked into one business while I was away this past weekend. I happened to mention what I noticed to someone and they said, "Oh, yeah, that happened where I used to work. All the managers had these congratulatory comments for one another, and never paid attention to the staff. The staff would walk out of the meetings going, "That was a waste of time. Like, you know, none of us can ever get recognized."
Yes, it is important to recognize managers, but you have to pay attention to the people that you're managing; they matter. When you ignore them, they notice the pattern of being ignored. If that's what you think is best, you're off your gourd, You can't do that because folks get ticked off and they wind up losing interest in working for you because, after all, the only people that are getting recognition are the people with bigger checks and bigger titles than them. The message that they get is that they're unimportant.
You can't do this kind of stuff. Instead, find things that you notice from the week that indicate improvement, progress, something good that the employee, the staffer did because, as much as they may whimper about recognition, they hate to be ignored.
Always notice the good stuff, even if they give you pushback, because they will give you criticism. If you don't. I'm Jeff altman. I hope you found this helpful. If you did, and you're watching on YouTube, click the like button, subscribe to my channel on YouTube by clicking on a little icon in the lower corner. It's in the lower right by the way. And in doing that, you'll get notices whenever I release a new video or podcasts reserved you also want to mention I do one on one coaching to help people perform at a higher level. If that's something that would be of interest to you, contact me through LinkedIn and linkedin. com forward slash forward slash the big game hunter, connect with me there. And then from then message me that you're interested in coaching will set up time for free discovery call. Hope you have a great day and take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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