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The comedian, Martin Short, was interviewed on a podcast and was talking about how he had repeatedly declined appearances on, “The Tonight Show,” when Johnny Carson was host. Short had good rationalizations for why he didn’t appear but the truth was he was intimidated by Carson and, thus, afraid to be a guest on the show.

This is such a common story for so many of us and costs us the opportunity to truly connect with someone or, as in Short’s case, cause us to miss out on a huge opportunity.

Years ago, I shared a story about how lions hunt gazelle that encouraged you to “go to the roar,” and confront the fear and not avoid it.

When I feel tight, it is a signal to me that I am scared and need to talk to myself about the fear and what I can do to transform it into a different feeling . . . like excitement. For me, excitement feels very much like fear except it carries belief that I will be successful. Fear carries someone else’s impression of me and is usually rooted in something from my childhood that has resurrected its ugly head in that moment.

“Whose voice is that?

“Is it true?”

“Is it right.”


Usually, it isn’t.


Ⓒ The Big Game Hunter, Inc., Asheville, NC 2019



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