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So many of you are so arrogant in how you think of your new hires . . . and it takes so little to change things and bring on your first choice to fill that position.

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I want to talk with those of you who are involved with hiring people-- HR, hiring manager, C suite . . . wherever you are in the equation. I have heard some of the most asinine things when I worked in search. Now, my personal favorite (and I sit and put that in air quotes) is the remark, "Is money important to them? Isn't the job more important?"
Come on, folks. Do you really believe that for a person making $70, $80, $90,000 a year, money isn't important to them? And that bluff on your part--"The job isn't more important than the money?" The job isn't going to pay his rent, isn't going to make his mortgage payment, isn't going to buy sneakers for the kids or food! Of course money is important.
And all these bluff things . . . I remember swatting away one CIO one time who pulled that line. I said, "You argued for $5,000 on your offer, and you're now throwing this crap out? Come on!"
But I also have to say, it's not just money. Other things matter, too. And I'm not just simply talking benefits and vacation and things along those lines. I'm speaking in terms of the feeling that should give to someone that they matter.
You see, so many of you have gotten so busy you forget to sell. You commoditize your interviewing and hiring with the result being that people don't feel wanted or cared for. You treat them like a slob who's going to sit in the chair and do a job. People don't want to feel that way. They want to feel as though they have some significance and the fact that you've gotten so lazy in your interviews that you forget to sell the opportunity is ridiculous.
It is a mistake on your part that, right now, as we're dealing with strong economic times, or even when there are poor times, it makes a difference for the people or for the person that you select to fill a job. People want to feel cared for. They want to feel like they make a difference and that they matter. That's up to you to sell. And you ought to get into the habit of selling it to every individual that you meet with.
Also, the benefits . . . they do matter. You know, I remember one time where I again worked in search, insurance coverage wasn't right for this one individual for pre existing condition that his son had. Yeah, these kind of things are different now. But every benefit that's mediocre in your organization, or ordinary is a missed opportunity to differentiate yourself in some way from your competition.
Great people all have choices. Great people have multiple opportunities. And don't believe me? Pay attention to who you're losing when you're making offers and why? You'll discover that I'm right.
It would have been so easy to just take a little bit of time to sell the opportunity, not just for today. Career opportunity with your organization! What's the upside for this person if they do well? Where can they go? What kind of training can they receive? What kind of opportunities will they get? And if they're unhappy? Will you open up your phone and start making calls to help them land elsewhere?
People are unhappy,, you don't want them around. And what does that say about you that should be wrong to help. Actually, it says a lot about us.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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