For years, I have listened to HR professionals and hiring managers complain about their staff. You’re getting what you deserve.

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You know, I worked in recruiting for many years, and I listened to a lot of complaints from HR people, from hiring managers, about the people that they hired.
The statistics are that almost one in two hiring managers have buyer's remorse within 18 months of a new hire. They believe that they made a mistake.
Now, the title of this video is provocative. You get what you deserve. Here's why I think you're getting what you deserve.
Basically, you're hiring mercenaries. There's nothing in it for them. You talk about, "I've got this great project, I've got this interesting work." But I remember a time when people would talk with a potential hire, and talk with them about career opportunities, talk with them about a future and help them get there, whether that's internal to the organization, or external. They was something to learn. They was something to grow with.
And there was an upside. What's the upside to your job? It's keeping on doing "more of the same forever" is what it feels like.
No one gets praise. Reviews? As a coach I listened to some years ago put so so well said, "imagine, once a year, you sat down with your wife or husband or partner and said, "you know, it's time for me to give you a review. I think you're doing pretty well on some things, but there are others I think could could be doing better at."
What kind of nonsense are these kind of reviews that you're given? People are consistently blindsided because you don't have the guts to support them during the time of the year when they're not being reviewed. You sit in your office or cube, cowering there, trying to politely correct people, but not trying to help them.
I'm telling you, you're getting what you deserve. You have a disengaged workforce, with very little going on that's going to keep them there.
That's why the statistics in the US, they're the best in the world, but they haven't changed in a decade. 32% of the workforce is engaged. What that tells me is that 68% is neutral at best. And the rest . . . you figure out how disengaged they are. Is that really what you want?
Now, it's not about more benefits. It's not about having a hacky sack area in the lunch room. It's about how you as a hiring manager, how use an organization, treat your people and help them learn and help them grow and help them develop.
Tuition reimbursement for courses. How many folks are paying for their own training because you make the excuse of, "well, if we give it to him now, it can become marketable and leave." How about they become marketable and want to stay because they feel appreciated, you know?
So, I just want to point these obvious incongruences out. It reminds me of a guy I worked for many years ago. My first year with the firm, it hit its best numbers and his bonus for the year? Despite the fact that
Big deal. Big deal. We all did spectacularly well. And he considers giving a bonus a disincentive. Because after all, "we're sales people. We should want the money." As I pointed out to him so simply, " Goldman Sachs has it wrong when they give out those bonuses and all these Wall Street firms have been wrong, but that tie is what's going to do it."
Folks, you are doing things and you are oblivious to the impact. And the impact is day in and day out, You are creating a workforce of mercenaries with no loyalty to you and your organization.
You're getting what you deserve.
You gotta do it differently if you want to retain them. You gotta do it differently if you want people who are going to grow and not always have to pay fees to recruiters and not always have to recruit replacements, because you're just not indicating and doing things through your behavior that show that you care.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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  1. Sahil Aftab

    Sir , I think you should use a mike of better quality because your voice sounds rough and repulsive to some extent as compared to other you tubers . This was just a little feedback from my side and it is definitely not intended to hurt your sentiments but if it did , I am extremely sorry .

    1. Jeff Altman

      Sahil, that is my voice. The mike is a good brand and recently updated. I am sorry that you might have found it unpleasant.

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