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EP 1445. People make so many stupid interview mistakes.  Here’s another one.

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I'm back today with another 1 of those stupid interview mistakes that people make. The title of the show is, "What was the question again?" It's really the notion of going off topic. And just basking in your own magnificence, talking until you're putting everyone to sleep by making them think about lunch or dinner or how the hell he get the heck out of his interview. It happens more often than you think.

I remember on one occasion I was interviewing someone for client. I'm a very easy interviewer; I just want to know what the truth is. It's really that simple. Tell me your story; help me understand; I would ask good questions. It wasn't complicated. In this person start to go on and on and on in such minute detail about nothing that relates to the question. There was a point where I said, "Hey! I have to ask you a question."


"Do you remember my original question?" He didn't. It let me know that he'd been on so many interviews that he stop listening to the question and just start to answer what he thought the question was, instead of listening to it.

You seek folks people are asking questions for a reason. They want to know something specific about how you match job, both from the standpoint of skills and experiences to getting a sense of personality. Do you make them feel confident in you that you can do the job. When you go off on these wild tangents that have nothing to do with anything that has been set up until that point, heck, they just go bonkers. I go bonkers! You're putting me to sleep and all I want to do is in the conversation.

Just be self-aware. Focus in on the question. Give your answer in 45 to 75 seconds. It's really that simple and you will make this mistake.


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