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EP 122. So many great events that tied together into a terrific show.

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SEGMENT 1. This is The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast, Episode 122. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. Welcome to another episode of the show. And yesterday was spectacular. You know, Tiger Woods winning after 11 years, competing, all the surgeries, all the emotional challenges that he had. You know, obviously very public marriage problem. His infidelities. His uses of prescription painkillers and perhaps THC, all the back surgeries, to after 11 years, get back to the summit to win the Masters. How fabulous is that story?
And, the day before, there was another great story where Chris Davis a first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, who had not had a hit all season, whose streak of mediocrity or awful performance extended back at the last season (He had not had a hit and more than 50 bats) not only got his first base his the season, but he got two hits that night.
You know, there are bad streaks that we have in life and, when you put in the effort and do the work and don't give up, you can win. You can start winning again and turn your luck around. After all, so many people in life experience with these two men did. And you know, they did the work. They ground it out, and so can you.

SEGMENT 2. I'm going to switch gears here to a podcast. I listened to an interview with Barbara Walters on Oprah Winfrey's podcast. This show is called Masterclass. Wonderful interviews. Basically, people are handed a series of questions and encouraged to tell stories about their life. The interview I listened to was with Barbara Walters, and the were number of great things she said. The first one I wrote down was, "When you see what can happen to people that they never expected, both good and bad, you realize how exciting and improbable and wonderful and tragic a life can be."
Wow. You know, Barbara Walters is someone who maids became a celebrity as the first woman in many different news shows. And, she speaks to a curiosity about the people she interviewed as being the key to her success. She then goes on, "your greatest teacher is experience. You learn from everything you do." That's, by the way, both good and bad. You make mistakes; you learn from them. You have successes; you learn from them. The idea is you never stop learning. You never stop being curious. You keep investigating. You keep exploring.

SEGMENT 3. A new season of Game of Thrones started. And there was an interview with the cast the show on I believe, "60 Minutes," where they were asked what's the overarching theme of the show? And the answer was power-- how people use and abuse power.
Later on,, Billions was also on at the same time and I caught up with it the next day. On this episode, I think Bobby was talking with a mentee of his, someone who he looked out for at a certain time in his life after the young man's father had been killed during the 9/11 attacks on the Towers. The young man came back with over $100 million to return to Bobby, for his investment. Bobby was stunned. didn't know what to make of it. The excuse given was one about . . . He just going to cash out a number of people. But that wasn't true.
Bobby grows to understand that what he was really looking for was a mentor-mentee relationship. He takes him out on his boat, tries to buttonhole him with stories and become that mentor for him. And, when push comes to shove, the young man pushes him away, and cuts him really hard and deep.
In the meantime, Bobby has planned his revenge. Without going into the details of the story, I'll just simply say that you have to recognize when power is greater than yours. Even though you may be right, there's power greater than yours that's out there. So often, people ride into battle with individuals and situations where they have no chance of winning, as was in the case of this episode. And there are other instances on that show with some great power stories.
Just remember, there are times you may be right, and someone's going to kill you off because they can. That's the way of life and you've got to be smart to recognize or smart enough to recognize the circumstances where you can't win and not engage in battle where you'll be gutted.

SEGMENT 4. Tying this show all together, "There are some things you will learn from. There are some things you will never learn. Don't berate yourself, as you make the same mistakes. At some point when you're older, forgive herself." That's Barbara Walters, again, and we will repeat our mistakes. It's just the way it is.
And the notion that we can't learn from them, I've found that, eventually, we do. The idea is to make fewer of the same mistakes and, shall we say, create "higher class mistakes" for yourself if you are going to make a mistake.
Winners do find the way to win. Losers will find the way to lose. One of the ways winners will find the way to win is that they'll know that losers will find the way to lose.
Where do you want to be in that power equation. If you want to be a winner, you're going to practice doing things differently and make conscious change. If you want to be on the other side because you enjoy self-sabotage, well, keep doing what you're doing, you'll get different results.
Oops, you won't!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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