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Should I email the recruiter or my interviewer? What are some tips in order to hear back after I email either one of them?

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The question is, "I haven't heard back from anyone after my interview. Should I email my recruiter or the interviewer? What are some tips I should know before I hear back from either 1 of them?"

Here is one observation-- I don't know you recently you did the interview. If you did it today and you haven't heard it by 4 o'clock it may just be too soon for them to get feedback. Also, I don't know what kind of recruiter this is. Are you talking about a corporate recruiter? Third-party recruiter? I'm going to try to address a lot of my contingencies with this answer but, in the meantime, let's work on this question..

I haven't heard back from anyone.. You obviously want to hear back. Here's the easiest way to hear back-- Knock their socks off. Blow everyone else out of the water. Impress the heck out of them so that they go, "Oh! We cannot let this person leave our offices. . We cannot let them leave our domicile without a job offer!

Obviously, this did not happen. So let's go on to the next scenario.

Sure I will email the recruiter or my interviewer? Let's start by looking at the recruiter. Corporate recruiter? Third-party recruiter? If you are introduced by a third-party recruiter, definitely contact them,,,, not the interviewer. If it is a corporate recruiter,, it depends on what the initial introduction was. If you are introduced by someone within the firm and the 1st interview that you did was with the hiring manager and then with the recruiter, go to the hiring manager 1st because you are introduced by someone to them..

If this was just, "I answered an ad. They called me and it was a good interview," contact the corporate recruiter.. They are really running point on the relationship with you. They may not have heard anything yet.

How can you get some feedback after the interview in order to hear back? The easiest thing to do is, at the end of the last meeting that you had, get a sense of their timeline.

When they asked, "So do you have any questions for us," go through a series of questions.. When they ask, "Is there anything else," ask them, "Could you give me a sense of your timeline for next steps? This way, I have reasonable expectations about what I might hear back from you. . I know it is not cast in stone. I know it may take a few days longer, . But, if., "You will hear from me tomorrow if it is good news,," and that is a week later, I know my answer. that's one thing.

Another way that you can do it is, when they ask, "Is there anything else,," ask, "What were your impressions of me today? What did you perceive my strengths to be? Where could I do better? And I compare with others that you've interviewed?"

You see, you are looking for feedback and you're waiting for them to call you with it, so it is either thumbs-up or thumbs down. There's not a lot of room in the middle. Every once in a while, you get a, "Were not sure about this guy." With time, that always turns into a rejection..


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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