In this video, I share a tool to help generate clean Boolean search strings that you can use on LinkedIn, Google and others.

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I want to share with the information about a sourcing tool that's going to be very effective for you with generating Boolean search strings. Now, if you go to and then, from there, I want you to use a drop down menu. You get to a place on this site where there's a drop down and, if you go to social, not .com use products, which in the current iteration of the site, is the first item on top, use the drop down to go to sourcehub, click on sourcehub and register on the site.
Once you register, it will give you the option of downloading a Chrome extension for this or use it on the web. Now, what you'll find is a tool that's going to generate Boolean code for you. So, think in terms of all the possible permutations of a search string for someone that you might use. I'll just use a description for Java J2EE and enter after each one. And it's going to give you possible options.
So, for example, in J2EE, it offers me J2EE. I'm going to enter that again. And there's Java, Java/J2EE and you go on and on with a different search string, the different titles, the title possibilities that someone might have for this and add a location. Enter. (I'm just going to add a location for myself so that I have something that will generate here on the web version).
I entered developer, Java J2EE, Java/J2EE because some people will enter that differently and, to Boolean, it wants those differences. Hit go and it's going to generate a search string for you. So, it's going to show you titles. It's going to give you the option of excluding things, adding particular skills and excluding those skills and as you scroll down, you're going to see that it has generated a search string that is far more extensive than what I might have entered.
So, in this particular example, I use developer It generates a search string for OR dev OR programmer OR DevOps OR develop OR developing OR development OR developed. You get the point here.
Then, it's going to give you the choice of opening in a couple of different areas. So it can be on LinkedIn, Twitter, you can conduct a search of LinkedIn through Google, Twitter, Google Plus GitHub, on and on and on. Stack Overflow. It looks like about 12 different sites that you can do this search and with the result being this is going to be a far more accurate search than what you might have developed on your own.
The tool is free. Catch that term. Three. No charge. Nada. Nothing. The result winds up being you get a search string that's going to be extremely helpful to you that you can employ anywhere.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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