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Maybe you’re like me—trying and working too hard and forgetting what the order of things should be. If so, this show is for you.

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I just came back from a ManKind Project weekend that I've done a time. So, I was reminded that whole lot of people spend their life focused on their work and not on living their lives. I'm not gonna say anything about any of the men that I spent time with there. Everyone's entitled to their confidentiality and their privacy.
I will talk about myself and simply say, there are times I am so immersed in work, I forget about living the life that I want to have. I think, for most of us, we run into that same dilemma. Work has a way of being overwhelming.
We have been conditioned to work from the time that we will little. "Hey, good job!) Remember that one? How about being in school and if you didn't do your homework, he got punished or rebuked by a teacher? Or sent to the ever popular principal's office. I think that one ended a long time ago, but the notion is that we've been conditioned to perform in a job from the time that we were young men till now.
The problem becomes, we start to lose track of our own lives and where they fit. It's as though we live to work instead of work to live.
So, I was listening to another podcast today. And there was a woman being interviewed who spoke about how she put her relationship (and she had a long distance relationship) put her relationship on hold while she was looking for a job to leave one that she really didn't like, and she wasn't getting very far. She couldn't get herself a job near where her her love was, where her boyfriend lived. Eventually, he said, "Why are you staying in a job that you don't really care for instead of spending time here and doing things that you really enjoy?"
Tough question for her to hear. know it's a tough question for me to hear. Sometimes, when I become so immersed in stuff . . . though I'm not coaching enough people, I'm not spending time with things I enjoy in my personal life, I'm not working out, Not doing all the sorts of things that helps me feel good about myself.
I want to encourage you not to lose track and not to forget, not to forget that work isn't the first choice. It's the thing that makes possible the other choices that you make. Without that, you're just another machine. Seriously. You're another machine; I'm another machine and I don't want to live like a machine.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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