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People make many mistakes that damage their careers. Here is one of the big ones.

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Let me just start off by saying people are very trusting and that's a great quality in the workplace. However, there are situations where people make terrible mistakes in managing their own careers. Let me just explain.
I worked in search from many, many years before going into coaching. There was a time in the New York area where there was a firm that had technology that was fine, but it was, shall we say, proprietary and people were programmed in a Honeywell computer in a language called English. Yes, this is a long time ago.
The result was that if they were unhappy at work, there was no place that would hire them because of their technology and another was different. Now before you say, "Oh no, this could never happen to me. Your version of this is taking the assignment that sends you off into left field to do something that's unmarketable to any other organization, uninteresting to any other organization and its career suicide. Now, you may think I've being very dramatic, but I coach people now and try and help them rectify their mistakes and it's really hard to get back into the mainstream or into any any stream, even a tributary, and allow them to get back to work.
Giving away your power and allowing an organization to assign you to work that has no market value is career suicide. If you're in a situation where a firm talks to you about a transfer, talks to you about doing work that doesn't quite sound right to you, before you agree to take on the assignment or the project, just say to them, "I want to think about doing this for a day or two," and start reaching out to people who you know to see what the marketability is of this role.
The impact of this may be that, for this organization, for a while, they may say to themselves, "this guy isn't a team player." Thank goodness. Thank goodness you're not a team player. Even if you change jobs, you'll go to an organization that will say to themselves, "This guy would have been idiot to take this work on. I'm glad to take him on right now."
So, understand, if your boss comes to you to have you do something that's your intuition is telling you not to do, PAY ATTENTION!
Don't give away your power.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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