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Today, I want to do a review of a video I saw on YouTube that was done by Marie Forleo, who is a terrific marketer, terrific information provider. Everything that I've heard about Marie is terrific. So I don't want to make it seem like, in reviewing this, my intention is to go out of my way to beat her up. She doesn't deserve that at all. She's a terrific advocate for people. So, the video is called "Networking Basics: 8 Tips to Networking Without Being Fake."
Now, I want to stop by saying this is a networking Basics video. So, it covers the obvious points in networking, but it has her own twist to it. I think they're quite good. So let me start by saying the most important thing that she says early on, the one thing that I think most people will overlook when they think about it, is that networking is an ongoing organic process. It is not something that you do once every two years when we are changing jobs or when you need something from someone it's something that has to be part of your repertoire so that, in this way, you don't appear like a mooch. You are developing relationships with people which is really what networking is all about.
So, she then continues by going through her 8 points. I'm just going to go through them quickly. Networking involves focusing on giving, rather than getting. Introducing people. Doing things to share with them without any expectation of anything in return. You need to be present is her second point and that, when you're meeting someone at a networking scenario, don't be looking behind them. I'm trying to do that now to illustrate. Don't be looking behind them to see who else is there who you might go to next. Be present with the individual. She tells a great story in the course of illustrating this point.
Listen more than you talk and she uses the metaphor of two ears /one mouth as part of teaching us. Always think in terms of the long term. It's not a short term situation which to me is kind of redundant with her big point which (networking) is an ongoing organic process.
Don't overcommit and feel guilty is her fifth point. By that is promising more than you can really deliver at that particular time.
Number six is be honest. No false promises offered. If you have no intention of getting in touch with this person ever again and they are looking to set up a time to speak, it's really easy to go, "Okay, no problem. Give me a call," and never respond and that makes you look terrible. Better to simply say, "I am booked solid. Could you bear with me and I'll see if I can get to you," or "I don't know when I'm going to wind up having time," and just kind of push them away from the immediacy to a time later on.
If you are interested in networking with them, take action immediately. So, if you've promised to do something for someone, you can do it on your phone, right? A lot of things you can handle immediately, like within five minutes of leaving the conversation that creates a great impression. At the latest, if you're meeting them at a conference, in a trade show, at a networking event, do it when we get home. Don't push it off when you might risk forgetting about it. Give yourself a memo on your phone to remind you to take this action.
Lastly, I think this is an important one, only go to events that excite you. Only go to make friends. If your reason for going to a networking event is to take, if you're not really interested in the subject of the event at the conference, don't go! At the end of the day, you have to do things to please yourself and not fixate on the connection. Afterall, the game plan in networking is to make friends and to build a partnership with someone, not just go gimme, gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme.
Her video was good, but it's basic and that was the intention. So, for those of you who are new and or uncomfortable with networking, (thumbs up)



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