In this video, I refer to an article written by Dr. John Sullivan about the top trend in recruiting for the coming year.

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This is a video that I'm doing calling attention to an article by Dr. John Sullivan on or you may also find it on where he talks about the number one trend toward going into recruiting for the new year. He goes through a variety of them, but this is the number one trend he believes is going to be important for a company. I think it's valid. It's a shift toward database decision making in recruiting.
Why? Because, lately, in recruiting, he says everyone's gotten good at collecting metrics. Unfortunately, after collecting them, no one ever does anything with them. Here's his best practices for creating a database decision model.
He says data is going to reveal which sources provide and produce quality applicants and hires and will also reveal which types of interviews and interview questions best identify future top performance.
In a previous trend, he recognizes that the cost of a bad hire is extraordinary. DUH! Like you know all recruiting firms have spoken about this for years but no one pays attention to us and hopefully you'll notice this trend and not take a "penny wise, pound foolish" and start to measure where your top people are coming from.
It can can also show you whether your references are an accurate predictor of future performances because, these days, half of new hires are coming from employee referrals. It can also show you your new hire failure rate which can also average as high as 46%. It reveals which recruiters and hiring managers routinely produce the highest quality hires and which do not. It also reveals which single factor has the highest impact on hiring success.
For example, he offers the relationship with the hiring manager. Data can be useful but it's also an examination of the past and it doesn't take into consideration the future. They're going to be new factors and new avenues for exploration for where you find retail and right now it's heavily referral oriented great saves you money. It's also like getting a testimonial from someone who works at your firm as to the quality of this individual. That's terrific but in the future, there may be new ways you have to be open to them as well. It started measuring the success of these techniques and not just simply the old ones.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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