Desperate people do desperate thing and for some people faking interviews is occuring more often. Here is an example of a faked interview

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Now, this is a video for employers and third party recruiters. I think the time has come where, if you were only doing phone interviewing of people, you are making a mistake. Let me just explain. I'll have a link to this video in the show notes.
I'll just simply say there's an exquisite video of a young man doing a technical interview via Skype. And he's got his headphones on and he's attempting to lip sync the answers to questions he's being asked, but it's really clear very quickly that he's not answering the questions. Someone else has been patched in and is attempting to answer and what he's doing is trying to mouth the words . . . but you see him lip synching too long, too short, and the interviewer, by being able to see him, is able to discern very quickly that this is a ruse.
Folks, this is happening more and more often. It happens in lots of different ways and places. I remember a story that a client told me about a drug test that was administered. White potential new employee. African American doing the drug test for the white employee. He had to sign for what he did and he put a splint on his hand and saw the signature of the white employee and attempted to sign. They recorded that there was a splint on his hand to explain the difference . . . But they didn't know the race of the person they were drug testing. They certainly saw this as an African American man, but they didn't know the difference. Fraud is going on regularly and, as people become desperate at different times, they go to greater extremes in order to deceive you.
I'm telling you more and more of you need to switch to video interviewing so you can catch this because, it's kind of like the old movies . . . I don't even think though they're on video anymore, but in the 50s and 60s, there used to be these Hercules movies, or Samson movies that were dubbed from Italian into English. So, you'd see this, you know, guy in, you know, a beefy guy doing the Hercules part and he's being dubbed and it's kind of like he's talking in Italian and it's been dubbed into English and the mouth is still going in Italian all the words are coming out in English. That's what happens when movies are dubbed. Well, in effect, candidates are being dubbed, too. You don't want to be talking to a person who needs to be dubbed.
So, I'll simply say, switch to video interviews. If they don't like it, too bad, too bad! Minimally, what you can do is use one of the services . . . you can find it. I'm not here to offer up services to you. Just look for video interviewing services on Google, pick one that makes sense for your organization, provide them with prepared questions and have people answer them. They can do it on their phone. They can do it on an iPad or another device. They can do it on their computer but have them answer questions and, if you notice that they're going (I describe it like the dubbed Hercules movie), at the end, as happens with this guy, you know you have a problem.


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