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EP 1351 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains why you should pay attention when a recruiter contacts you about a job opportunity. 

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Today I want to talk with you about what I'll nickname don't delete the recruiter. Let me explain what triggers this one,
Every time I get a new requirement, I have a database and I'll send an email out to people in my database who fit the skills requirement. And I'll just very simply say, "I'm doing a search for a client, describe what the client is or does, where they're located. I'll describe the position and the compensation. I'll continued by saying, "it's been a long time since we've been in contact. I thought it would drop a note to you and see if you might be interested. If you're qualified, interested in available please email me email a copy of your resume to me at . . . "and I provide my email address.
Now, often way too often, I receive a response that is almost the yelling at me.
"I told you to delete my email address before. Or it'll say, "get rid of this," or it will just simply say, "remove," you know, the polite version of go away.
That's okay. That however, is why I want to explain to you why it's not really in your interest to do any of those.
What I want to start with the premise that I think you can agree with is the person who gets ahead isn't always the smartest, they don't always work the hardest, although those are two great qualities to have. People could head by being alert to opportunity. Sometimes, those opportunities are internal to the organization. More often than not, they are external. Can you agree with that?
If you can, you can skip the rest of this video. If you can't, then I'll simply say you can't predict when opportunity is going to land in your lap. It won't necessarily arrive at a time where you decide that it's the right time. What you can do is just remain alert.
Now, you'll receive many emails from recruiters. They'll seem absolutely wrong. And I'll speak of myself early in my career where, again, I'be been doing this for more than 40 years. Now, when I was in my first or second year and sometimes later, I would contact someone who in no way shape or form fit a job because I just didn't know any better. I'm still learning my craft.
And yet at the same time, many of these opportunities I presented, eventually, whether it be right for someone, does that mean you should be abusive to the recruiter if they make a mistake or if they contact you at the wrong time? No, of course, not. Does that mean that you have to say yes to everything that's offered up to you. Of course, not. However, the only way you can know about these opportunities is if you read the email or listen to the phone, call that you get.
Sometimes, you'll want to take another step. Sometimes you'll simply say (and this is all you have to say) is, "I'm not interested in this. It doesn't sound like a worthwhile opportunity for me at this time. Thanks. You can stay in touch with other things. I'm not aggressively looking. But if you think there's something that makes sense, give me a call or send me an email." It's really that simple.
Because, again, if someone said to you and I'll use my own name, "Jeff, I have an opportunity for you to go on TV and be a reality star doing a pilot for show on TV, do you think I would hang up? No, of course, not. I would want to know more. I might audition; I might do more.
But if I wasn't interested, all I had to do is say, "you know, thank you. I'm very flattered that you reached out to me it doesn't seem like something I'd want to do."


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