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I have addressed the subject in different places before. Here I tackle it directly.

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I received a great question that I've answered indirectly for a long time. So, as to the question pointedly today, so let me use it as my subject.

'What is somebody employers and new employees become disappointed wants to join the new company?"

To me, this is very very easy. It's also the fact that both sides, both employers and employees forget 1 of the basic truths of job hunting and hiring. The basic truth is that everyone is on good behavior.

The employer was presenting things in a good light; their subordinates are presenting things in a good light. The job hunter is putting on a "happy smile button face." They are showing the credentials as being exquisite and perfect.

In other words, everyone is lying.

Everyone is lying because they are not telling you what is wrong.

For example, I've never heard of the job hunter say, "You know, I get cranky unless I have a chocolate bar by 4 o'clock each day. Sometimes that crankiness pisses off my coworkers." It's never happened! No employer has ever talked about those last for people who sat at the desk. They want you to sit at and why they quit. Never happens.

Even if you have asked them about what happened to the person using the job before, they will talk about going onto another opportunity without discussing where the failure was. They will never say, "You know, I pissed them off. They got annoyed with my constantly needling them about getting things done on time and within budget." Or, "They kept running away with stuff that got me annoyed and eventually, blew my stack at them." No one ever says that.

Thus, that lie that both sides tell becomes the seed of the eventual discontent.

There is a statistic that says that within a year of a hire, employers have buyers remorse and judge a higher as being a mis-hire. Job hunters are no different. That's where the seat of the soul lies. Everyone is presenting themselves in the best light and no one is being completely honest about what they are stepping into. No job hunters ever told, "Do you see that woman over there? I have no idea what they work here. I can't fire them." Or, "she gets on everyone's nerves." Or, "he's a jackass." No one ever says that.

No job hunter ever talks about how he was the jackass or how he annoys everyone and his current firm that they have suggested he start looking elsewhere. There can provide a great reference because they don't want him around.

So, understand that the problem stems from the fact that each side is lying. Worse than that, each side looking for "a good fit." How will you ever know that someone will be a good fit. If each side is trying to deceive one another?

That's what I see.

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