Should I email the recruiter or my interviewer? What are some tips in order to hear back after I email either one of them?

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The question for today is, "We have all heard the stories, how few seconds people take to look at a resume. What 2 people actually look for in those few seconds?"

The question is actually very easy to answer. When we're looking at a resume, we are not looking at a full document. After all, when you think about it, when you look at a document on your screen. How much of the page shows up? Two thirds? Three quarters? That is about it.

So we are looking at a document that within two thirds or three quarters of the page ideally should be able to demonstrate some version of fit for a role.

I want to backtrack because you have a message area of your email and most people open, or have displayed on the screen and are using Outlook and have an additional pain available to them.

In an email, you want to indicate the position you are applying for. Maybe there is a job code or a title in the position description. If it is just the title provide something more because there could be multiple positions for the same title.


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