You’ve had a first interview with the corporate recruiter, the head of HR, and the hiring manager. The recruiter says, “call me tomorrow and tell me what you think.” How honest should you be?

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Here's the situation. You've had a first interview with a firm. You met with a recruiter. Head of HR. Head of an enormous business unit .Celebrity individual. Recruiter says, " give me a call tomorrow at two o'clock. Tell me what you think." How honest should you be? How honest should you be with your questions or concerns ?How honest should you be with your reservations? How honest after a first round? Here's what I told someone.
Not at all .Speak about the challenges. Speak about the opportunities that your C. Speak about your excitement. You see, the recruiter is trying to filter out people early in the process and you really don't know enough to make a decision on your side.
Now, after the second round, if this comes up, then it's a little bit different .You speak about, not concerns, but questions that you have. Not big dramatic ones, but some of the questions you have that need to be addressed. Everything you say to the corporate recruiter is going to get funneled back to the to the hiring manager who's going to ultimately say, "you know, this person sounds like they would be too big of a problem. Let's pass." And you knocked yourself out.
The corporate or agency recruiter is not your ally here. On the corporate side, they are looking for "knockout factors. "On the third party recruiter side, you know, they're going to try and manipulate you to ignore your doubts and ignore your question marks and poopoo them or say stuff that may or may not be true. More likely not true than true.
They're going to speak about their knowledge of the firm. Have they ever worked there? Probably not. They are going to speak of their knowledge of the hiring manager. Have they ever worked for that manager? No.So, even with the good party recruiter, you have to operate witha degree of distrust because they're blowing smoke at you because if you voice too many negatives, they're seeing dollar signs flying off into the sunset.
So, understand when you're talking to recruiters ,both corporate and third party, after the first interview, who are checking your pulse, that's not the time to develop "an honesty. gene."
Think in terms of always promoting yourself. You're always selling yourself. You can always say no later on but, for now, go further.


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