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A classic dilemma job hunters face is choosing who to follow up with. There is a “it depends” to the answer that is worth hearing.

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Someone wrote to me asking the question. "Should I follow up with the recruiter or the hiring manager?" Now, I think there's "a depends "in there but ,most of the time, I'm going to tell you to follow up with the agency recruiter that represented youto the hiring manager rather than the . . We.Let me actually let me just finish. The agency recruiter has a relationship with the hiring manager. You don't. And even if you say to me, "I want to send the thank you note as a follow-up," that's good, but my experience when I did search is that there were so many thank you letters that were badly written with spelling errors, grammatical issues that I wanted to look at it first before they sent it to the hiring manager. So as a matter, of course, work through the recruiter and you can contact the recruiter and say, " hey, look, I wanted want to send them a thank you note to the hiring manager," and they'll probably perk up a little bit because they'll think that's a good idea. "Can I send it to you first for a quick review before sending it to them?" They'll say, " sure." They'll look at it and if it's good, they'll take apart some of the things that you've done that are incorrect like a nice generic, "thank you." "I just wanted to thank you for the time that you start with me today. I believe I'd be a valuable asset for your organization." That's not a good enough thank you letter. I would want you to hit points that, or reiterate points that you made during the interview that demonstrated your fit for the role, not just something generic. And ,again, send it to the recruiter first for proofreading and grammatical checks in order to ensure that it presents you in the best possible light. HR person at organization. Now, again, I'm going to differentiate between agency recruiter which is how I answered the first part of this and corporate recruiter. I think, in general, you are better off messaging the corporate recruiter, rather than the hiring manager and some people are going to say, "what are you crazy?" Let me just give you that this scenario. The hiring manager really doesn't care yet. I'm going to assume that this is after the first interview. And, as such, doing a quick message to the HR recruiter to say, " I haven't heard anything for a few days now after my interview. Have you received any feedback is useful .Then, they say, "no, I haven't. Let me get in touch with them and then follow up with you". It's better than having your your message left in the voicemail for the hiring manager who starts to feel a certain amount of pressure from you, which you may think you want but it's better coming from the corporate recruiter. So, again,, work through the recruiter. Now, if you don't hear anything for a few days yet.,The probability is they're not interestedor they're not ready to commit to going forward I would, again, at this point contact the hiring manager and simply say , "I just wanted to follow up after our interview. You gave me the idea to may be making decisions about who to bring back for another round. I want to continue to express my interest in the role and circle back to you. Now, I want to remind you ofmy initial suggestion about following up with the agency recruiter was predicated on you sending a thanking up to the hiring manager. So, in doing this ,you can always reference the fact that you are expressing continued interest and. wanted to see what the status of the role was, whether you were still under consideration or whether you should consider moving on. Again, the first answer I gave was having your thanking note sent to the agency recruiter. to then send to the hiring manager. The second suggestion was following up with the corporate recruiter to see if they've heard anything yet and just hadn't gotten to you because the hiring manager's not going to make that communication of non-interest t.He HR person will. And, from there, that will probably jolt them into taking action and you'll probably hear back within a day or " I'm sure they're still interviewing. We should have a decision the next . . . However long it is. That will be the typical type of answer.


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