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Should I always reply with a recruiter contacts me? That's today's question. Now, why does your recruiter contact you? They've got a job available. That's reason number one. Reason number two is they're trying to get you to refer someone to them for a job that's available. They think you're hiring someone. They want you to introduce them to someone who's hiring at your firm .Those tend to be the four basic reasons.
Now why should you NOT resond? You have no interest in what they're peddling. Okay, perfectly valid reason. The issue is () () or let me just debate back with you () sometime in the future, you may need them and, yes, you can say, " well they'll work with me anyway, I've got a great background," but why would you turn them off and not try to build a relationship with them?
You can always reply by saying. "Hey! Thanks for reaching out to me about that position. I'm not really interested right now." You can refer someone to them who might be interested or you can simply say, "I don't really know anyone who's looking who might fit that role but I do appreciate your reaching out to me." if you don't want to write that out? Create a signature file in Outlook or created in Word If you're using Gmail or Yahoo mail or one of the web-based services so that you can automatically copy and paste iti in.
If they are looking for a referral, you just respond by saying, "hey, thanks for reaching out. I don't know anyone who fits that profile who? Might consider something right now. No one's voiced it to me and I hope to hear from you in the future if you think there's something that makes sense."
They think you're trying to your hiring someone. You can respond by saying, " I'm not trying to hire right now and I appreciate you reaching out with the offer to help ."
They want an introduction. "I don't want to introduce someone to my boss who I don't really know well, and I'm a little busy right now to get to know you. So, no disrespect intended, you have to go a different way. "
All of these are very quick emails that you can pre write that allow you to communicate, not be rude and just very simply say. "Thanks, but no thanks,"in one way or another. Obviously if you're interested, there's a different response that you have.
But ,you know, I'll simply say it's not a lot of effort to offer quality results. So, don't just blow them off and ignore them if they're reaching out to you through inMail. It's costing them money to do that. LinkedIn will penalize them. If you don't respond. If you do respond, they get credited back the inMail to use towards contacting someone else.
Don't penalize people who are basically trying to help you. Yes, they'll help themselves in the process. But so what ?So what ? They're trying to help you by reaching out to you about an opportunity. You've got a free will and a choice. You can say yes or no. If they have reached you had the right time or what they say piques your interest, terrific!
But my belief is that every time you have an opportunity to build a relationship with someone ,you try to do it, especially if they're in a role where they can help you in the future.


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