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EP 1218 Try this little trick if you are having trouble negotiating for yourself.

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This is a tip for when you're struggling with a negotiation. Maybe you haven't done a lot of negotiating before. Maybe you are just afraid of negotiating. A lot of people are. Here’s a little trick I want to suggest. This came from a recent conversation with my mother-in-law.

She was selling a place in Florida; she got and offer for as little bit less than she wanted. You have to move out during “the season” which was the big thing for her. She wouldn’t be able to get her car back up north in time.

So, I suggesting that you pretend she was negotiating for one of her grandkids and that she was trying to look out for the grand kid and what their interests are? Could she do that? You bet you she could! And that's where I lead to you.

If you were negotiating for someone else-- a friend, if you were negotiating for a parent who was ill and speaking with the doctors, you can do that, right? I am going to suggest that you treat yourself like that parent that you are negotiating for and negotiate on their behalf.

Don't personalize this. Negotiate for the other person. Drive the best deal that you can. As was the case here with my mother-in-law, she was able to do this pretty easily once she got that trap out of her mind of, “OH! THAT FEAR!!!, “ that sometimes become so pervasive and persuasive that you might do it wrong and blow the deal or what have you.

Trust yourself. You'll do fine, especially if you act like you are negotiating for someone else.


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