Someone asked me whether there are recruiters who work for job hunters and are willing to be paid after the job hunter is working. My answer is pretty simple

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Someone sent a question to me so I thought I would do a quick YouTube Live. So the question reads, “Are there firms to engage in paid search for (in his case, its for IT execs) paid when placed? I had a couple call me and just wanted to know if you got involved in any of these.”

So, let me just going lay it out for you and say if (and I know this was not the case) if you are thinking contingency recruiting firms… Yeah, there are contingency recruiting firms that are paid by a corporation after they fill a job with someone and put them in a new position.

But, if you're thinking of them going to wind up getting paid by YOU to work for YOU to find YOU a job—No. No one who is any good, anyway. Let me explain why. He says is been contacted by a number but only just lay out the problem.

The problem really comes down to if you're trying to collect a fee from a job hunter, what kind of fee do you think they can collect? Seriously? One thousand dollars? $5000? You get a $10,000 raise and you are going to give $5000 to the recruiter? You. That's what you're getting after taxes. Like why would someone be willing to work under those conditions?

From the recruiter’s side, what recruiter who is any good would do that when they can wind up getting paid 20%, 25% 30% or more from a company? Only crap firms would pitch that kind of business. You are going to have some “recruiter” who's going to spam your resume. I have to put “recruiter”” because they are not a recruiter. They are trying to place you in a job. They are a placement agency at best.

They will spam your resume to the Western Hemisphere, hoping to get you a job. From there, they can collect from you. How do they think they are going to do these kind collections? In days past, and in the days where applicant paid fees existed in the agency business, well, salaries were a lot lower and they would try to collect five dollars a week from someone. They would go to that person's home, they would go to that person's office or place of work (the place where they were working) to collect five dollars a week back in The Stone Ages. You can imagine what it's like to be talking about $5000 … and you have to collect that from someone.

They’re ducking your calls and you can go to their office and say, “hey, where's my money?” Security is going to throw them out. How are they going to collect? They’re going to sue you? How long do you think it’s going to take in order to collect that fee?

I’ll simply say, anyone who is claiming that they will collect the fee from a job hunter post-employment is a loser. Scratch why would they work for your thousand or $5000 when they can collect (on a $150,000 your person) $30,000, $35,000 or $40,000. At a 30% fee, $45,000. Sometimes it can be more. Why would they do that if they are any good.

I don't do recruiting anymore. I’m not going to go through that story again. I’ll simply say, don't fall for this sucker move. All that's going to happen is they are going to email your resume to some database of listings claiming they have some sort of “special ability to help you.” They don't, by the way. They're going to block legitimate recruiting firms and you, sometimes, from getting those interviews. Don't do it . Seriously, don’t do it.


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