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I tell you what beats the heck out of me, why some of you are the cause, and how you can better results.

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I I thought I would take a minute to just talk about my frustration. I’m really feeling beaten up today. Why? Because I’ve responded back to more than 50 resumes to find out where the person lives.

You see, you send resumes to me that have a name and a phone number. You apply for job. I don't know where you live and in my clients are not looking to relocate people. So, the result winds up being that I don't want to waste my time calling because all that’s going to wind up happening is that I do find that you're in a different place (as is the case with most individuals. They are hiding their location) and I have wasted time playing tag with you and not getting any results. And I’m still getting not results but I can’t call 50 people and play “phone tag” with you and then go into a five-minute conversation where you try to persuade me that you're going to go on interviews when you when you live in Chicago and you are going to fly to Dallas all the time. After all, all of these posts basically, “know relocation. No Visa transfers. No third-party recruiters”, etc. etc.

And you are going to try to persuade me that you are going to fly back and forth all the time? My client isn’t going to buy that and neither do I.

So, I’m just making a request here. When you're applying for a job and you sending out your resume, I understand no one wants to put themselves in the vulnerable position of risking identity theft. But your name, your city, State and zip code doesn't do that

By the way, the reason your phone number doesn't help is you're putting a mobile number there and mobile numbers these days are portable. So, let’s say your someone like me. I live in North Carolina and have a phone while I lived in the New York area. That 516 area code doesn't correlate with North Carolina, does it? The result is name and phone number don't cut it

I’m going to make one more point. Without the ZIP Code, employers and recruiters can't find you in the future. Why does that matter? When you're doing research and, yes, you’ve applied for a job, statistics say the job you applied for you not qualify for. So, when we want to get back in touch with you when we have something that fits (this is true employers, as well) we search by a couple of things. One of them is skills. The second is location.

Do you think we look we can look up location without a ZIP Code? Of course, not. Do you think your area code is going to be what we use? No. ZIP Code is precise. That’s why I am saying minimally puts city, State and ZIP Code on your resume. Save everyone a boatload of time. Help us help you. Really. Help us help you find work.

Having a resume in our database isn’t going to do it because we can never find you again. That true of employers, as well.


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