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Someone sent a question to me through Quora and I thought I would use this is my video for today. The question is, "What do you do if you work 9 to 5 and are looking for a new job? You leave work early for the interview? Well, if your job doesn't allow you to leave work early. . ."

Boy, I will tell you, I'm amazed by people sometimes. So let me start by saying this is really reflective of an industrial mindset where if you worked on the production line, you know, back in the early 20th century, they would dock your pay, your manager with threaten you. The owner of the factory would come down and yell at you. If you were sick, they wanted you sniffling and sneezing, coughing at work, because they needed your body working on the assembly floor. It was brutal back then. Today, that mindset still continues and we all have this notion of playing hurt, that we go to work and we do our best even when we're not feeling well.

How does this all apply to what the question is? This is easy. This is kind of reflexive of that industrial era mindset where a worker can't take any powersonal time to do something, that they always have to be at the job. You know, most people who are in professional roles no that they can take time off. And most companies, these days, are willing and often require a phone interview. So, scheduling the phone interview is easy. What you do is give them your mobile number and at a prearranged time, they're going to call you at that number. You just get the heck out of the building for a little bit. Or if you go to the lobby you know just make sure that there is a place where you can be comfortable speaking, where you are not really worrying about those around you. No distractions. Go to your car. Go for a walk. Be outside on a lovely day. Just enjoy yourself and do the interview with focused mental energy.

Now when it gets time for the in-person interview, real simple. That day, just simply say, "I've got an appointment this morning; I'll be out for a couple hours. I'll be in at… "Thus, you schedule the call the beginning of the day or at the end of the day or before work or after work. So, let's say, you finish at five, ask GGthem if they can do a six o'clock interview for you. Just simply say I've got a lot of things scheduled and I couldn't get there till 6. Does that work?

"No we need you during business hours."

We're back to that early in the morning. "Could we start before 9:00? This way, you're not missing as much time during the day.

"Can we start this at 12 o'clock? You know what it be possible for us to be complete.… Actually, the way you phrase it is "I'd like to do the interview over my lunch hour. I normally would do it at 12. How much time do you think you would need?" They'll tell you and you adjust your calendar accordingly.

You might tell your boss , "a friend of mine is in. and you him and would like to take a long time at lunch. I'll be back at . . . " to give them a sense of what time you'll be back in the office. It's really easy. But the biggest thing I picked up here was that mentality that says, " I'm just someone working on the factory floor and I'm not entitled to do anything."

Now, maybe you work in a country where that is the case, but for most industrialized places in the world you can take a small bit of extra time for yourself without any worries whatsoever. And if they will let you do it, if they are going to threaten you. There's a message you that. GET THE HELL OUT!

Oh forgot to mention one thing. And if, on the interview they ask you, "Gee, how did you take this time off," do not, I repeat, do not say, "I took a sick day," because that basically says , you will cheat them if they hire you too because, after all, you are not sick and are on an interview. Just tell them that you took some personal time that was coming to you.


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