Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter points out that sports teams don’t just attend classes to learn how to play or sit around thinking about their performance. They practice. You should, too.

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When sports teams practice for their games, they don't just simply read playbooks or sit in classes or think about how they're going to perform. They actually do it. They get out on the practice field. They get out on the court, if it's basketball, they play five on five against the other team they are practicing their plays. If it's football, they’re up against the defensive unit or if they’re the defense, they are up against an offense that is designed to allow these teams to practice what they actually learn.

Why is it any different with you? Why do you think all you need to do is watch these videos that I do or read a couple of articles or think about your answers and think that's enough? It isn’t.

You need to hear your answers as other people would hear your answers before you have to give them for real. In this way, you get the mistakes out early so that this way, you can correct them before you actually interview for that job you really want so that you don't blow it because you’re just not practiced enough.

So, my simple advice for you for today is find some people that you know and trust who are capable of giving you a mock interview. Sit down with them. Have them ask you 40 or 50 questions. Maybe, you go so far as to record your answers and listen to what you say. Don't listen to your tone of voice right away because everyone thinks that their voice sounds weird and terrible. It doesn't. It is just something in how we hear things given our auditory canals that cause some complications.

But, when all is said and done, listen to your content. See if you sound believable. Get feedback from them, especially if you they are in your field, especially if they know what they're talking about vis-à-vis you and your experience.

Get a coach. Have a coach do a mock interview with you. Schedule some time on their calendar to spend a 1/2 hour with you and go through some questions. You also so find your progress on interviews will grow exponentially and you will avoid some of the trial and error that’s causing you to fail some of your interviews.


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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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