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EP 1165 In this video, I explain why this dumb mistake you’re making on your resume is hurting your chances for interviews.

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I'm here to talk with you about 1 of the dumb mistakes I see people make way too often. This 1 is the omission of a ZIP Code on your resume. I want to explain why it is I think this is the wrong thing for you to do and . . . Just follow my logic for a second.

You are looking for a job. If you're like most job hunters, you’ve sent your resume to a recruiter. Your background doesn’t fit. They have a name, a phone number, may be a city and state. That's at best. I've seen a couple of city and states go by my desk in the last couple days but most of them will have name and a phone number.

Here’s the problem. I understand you have a concern about identity theft, but you also are concerned about finding a job. Let me explain how corporate and third-party recruiters work and why it to makes a difference to you have a ZIP Code on your resume.

I do work nationally. It wouldn't matter if I did work locally. I used to be purely a New York centric recruiter. Now I do national work. Just follow me for a second.

I’ll use the example of New York. If I was trying fill a job in Westchester County or Manhattan, I would have the skill set that they are looking for, right? I would select keywords from the job requirement for what the client has told me and then enter that in for a search string. Then, from there, I would use ZIP Code to try to narrow it down to within 25 miles of ZIP Code. Here is the problem.

You haven’t given me a ZIP Code. I can't find. You our in my database and I can't locate you.

This gets magnified if you're talking to someone like I am now who does work throughout the United States. You've uploaded a resume; you’ve sent a resume and I'm not going to do direct emails or phone calls to people who aren't in the immediate area unless I know they want to relocate there. Even then, it's complicated.

Usually, I’ll search by the skills and by a radius around a ZIP Code and I'm not alone. Most people in my line of work do the same thing. That because relatively few people are open to relocation.

So, my encouragement to you is stop making this dumb mistake. Put your ZIP Code on your resume so that in this way, people can find you.


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