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EP 1160 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter speaks to executives about networking more effectively but this could apply to everyone.

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I want to talk to those of you who are senior professionals because, often, you think you know more than you actually do and thus get yourself into trouble. I was a recruiter for more than 40 years . . . I know. It's a long long time and one of the ways that I have done well as a recruiter, of course, networking. You would start with one person who introduces you to another who introduces you to another and, lo and behold, you find someone to fill a job, you find a new client.

I know you understand that. Where it applies to you is, often, you think you are better than you are at networking. So, I just want to take it back a step to the beginning and walk you through some of the things, from a networking perspective, that will help you be better.

The 1st 1 is ditch the elevator pitch. When all is said and done all you are doing is vomiting on someone. You don't want to wind up doing that. What you want to be doing is giving people effective information about who you are and what you do. Don't think about this “I have to get it out in 10 seconds,” thing but what you have to do is engage someone in a conversation, focus on having a great conversation with them and then switch the conversation into, “By the way, I am looking for something. If you hear about a position for someone who . . . “ And then you talk about your background a little bit. You talk about 1 or 2 of your successes and, “I would love to talk with you about it more. Could I get your card and give you a call later this week, just send a resume over and just give you heads up about what I'm looking for, what my background is so this way, if something materializes you have an idea that you can refer me.”

Just do it that way. That’s really your starting point. You start with friends. Why? Because a friend really isn't going to go away. So, if you screw up, if you make mistakes, you cannot wind up hurting yourself. I hope over the course of years, what you have done is accumulate a good list of people that you worked with previously-- former colleagues who may have left, former bosses who may have left, and ways of reaching them. If you don't have those ways, find them on LinkedIn.

Can't find them on LinkedIn because you not connected to them in some way? On to Google. You have an idea of where they live, right? You should be able to find that out and be able to call them up out of the blue.

So,, again, two starting places for you when you doing your networking in order to start reconnecting with people who can help you and, again, the focal point should be the “hi how are you,” checking in part of the conversation, rather than on the . . . I hate elevator pitches. Like I said before, I just feel like someone's vomiting all over me, rather than making the actual connection. I just I know I tuned them out and that a lot of other people do, as well.

So, ditch the pitch. Focus on making a connection or reconnecting with someone and casually setting up on the conversation or just going into the conversation where you talk about what you do and where you'd like to be working and who they might know and seeing if they might be able to point you to someone.


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