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Three mistakes people make that prove so costly.

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I thought I would do a video this morning (it's Monday as I record this) To mention some of the stupid job search mistakes that people make.Let me start off at the big one.

They act as though past behavior is going to guarantee future results. In the mutual fund industry, they always say, "Past performance does not guarantee future returns."Job hunters, particularly senior professionals, Often act as though, "Hey! It is easy last time. It was easy to time before. It's gonna be easy this time!There's nothing to worry about." Usually when they come to me, they been out of work for a period of time and stubbed their toe on a few occasions. As a result, they are not getting the results that they were hoping for.Now, I am there to clean it up. So the number 1 mistake is that you think that because it was easy the last time, it will be easy this time. Wrong! It doesn't work that way.

With that, along the way, people have gotten so immersed in their work and in their careers that they have and maintain their networks.. They think they can begin networking when they are anxious and looking for a job. Or desperate and out of work. Networking is really all the things you do up until that point that you do that allows you to be in someone's line of vision and in someone's thought process when something comes up. It's been a friend to someone; it's being friendly with someone. It means having lunch with someone. Every once in a while. It means putting a phone call into them and taking a phone call from them. It involves helping them, too, because it's not just supposed to be a one-way street. So that's another dumb mistake people make.

By not following my advice and preparing updates your resume every 3 or 4 months, Suddenly the need develops and you have to change jobs you have really chronicled what you been doing professionally. As a result, you start sitting there asking yourself, "What exactly did I do a few years ago? What were the successes that I had?" You just don't remember. Not updating your resume on a regular basis Is a mistake. I'm not asking you to send it anywhere but you want to have it available for that time when you are going to need it.

Even if you don't do it in the resume, every 3 or 4 months, Sit down at your computer or tablet and write down what you did. If you start to notice that there are no real accomplishments, trust me, management has been start noticing that, too. If that's the case, you need to start taking it up a little bitso that you have results.

Think about it. If you are accomplishing nothing, if you have nothing that you have championed during that period of time that has been successful, if you have nothing that you can point to with pride, why should they keep you?

Start thinking in terms of what you've accomplished because when it comes time to selling yourself in your credentials, they are hoping to hear about stuff that you have done for this employer that you could do for them.


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