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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers more advice for creating resumes that get results.

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Hi! This is Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Today, I'm going to give you some more no BS resume advice.

Let me start by asking, "Do you like receiving spam?" You know,, all that garbage that we receive in email, thousands of messages that only waste our time.It's ridiculous. I don't like receiving it anymore than you do, but most people are too lazy to tailor their resume to fit the position they are submitting it for. Instead, people flip their resumes as though they are burgers at a fast food restaurant over and over again. They are spamming the resumes and it is a colossal waste of time.

I don't know about you, but I am reading 300 resumes a day. .. I don't have a lot of time to waste. My clients are asking me to find people with specific backgrounds. If you think I'm going to call up 300 people in ask, "Hi! Have you done this? Have you done this? Have you done that,"I am not. I don't have the time.

Do the math on my schedule. On a light day, I'm reviewing 150 resumes plus emails, following up on job interviews from hiring managers trying to follow up on people that they have interviewed and trying to learn more about them. There is a lot of work that I do. I don't have time for this.

What I think you will find is that if you take the time to tailor your resume to demonstrate your fit for the job requirement that you are applying for, you are going to get a lot more results.

You may say, "I don't really know a lot about the job. I need to know more in order to tailor it."


You have a job description that you submitted your resume for. You saw something on the web that prompted you to send your resume. You didn't just gratuitously send it, did you? Tailor your resume. Use the keywords that you saw in the job description in order to tailor it.

I'm telling you that you are going to get your results. You're not going to waste people's time. If you don't think your resume fits, you can politely send your resume and say, "I saw this job. I don't think I'm perfect for it. This is where my `fits the role. This is where I am not sure."

If you just want to send resumes to people who are in your area (Who are recruiting for positions that are like the work that you do--For example, if you are an engineer of a specific type. I can go through the 20 different types of engineering backgrounds that you might have) and you are seeing a job description and want to put your resume into a recruiters hands, send it but in the subject line, put the phrase, "on spec." Don't just simply submitted for the job And waste people's time. If you do that With most corporations, do you think you're going to get results?I don't.

If you do that with third-party recruiters, all that is going to happen is that they are going to hit the delete key or Import it into their database.

My advice for today is to tailor your resume. Make the fit obvious. Pretend that a 4-year-old is going to read the resume because, Frankly, there are a lot of recruiters who have the experience of 4-year-olds and not much more. Do that and you will get results.


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