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This is 1 of those tough interview questions and it tends to be asked on final interviews, rather than along the way. If it is asked along the way, you're prepared! That's great! This question is, "How do you deal with the problem employee?"

If it is asked by the executive running the function that you are interviewing for, let's say are asked by someone in the C suite, your inspire media boss… It doesn't matter ... You need to divide up the issues in certain ways.

For example, You might start the responded, "It depends on what the issue is. For example, I assume this firm has a corporate policy that was to avoid creating a hostile work apartment. If is an example of women in the organization or people of minority groups in the organization being perpetrated against, you fire the person immediately. There is no excuse for in this day and age. You get rid of them right away. You make an example. However, if it is a performance-based issue like it is in most organizations, you've invested time and effort into the person. You counsel them. You talk with them how what they do is important to the organization and they have to put in best effort. If they're not able to understand what the assignment is, they need to ask for help.There are whole host of intermediate steps that you go through with someone, maybe more than once.

"However, there's a certain point where you have to say, 'Performance standards have to be met because it impacts everyone else.' If they feel that they have to cover for a mediocre employee, they start to presented in your best people start to think about leaving. I spend a lot of time coaching people and advising them and helping them perform up to standards. I let others know that this is part of my practice so they get the idea that I would be supportive of them. However, at the end of the day, if this person can't get up to speed, you fire them. You let people know that you tried a lot but I can't get them up to speed. I got rid of them. I'm in the process of interviewing the people.

"What this does, is (1) it sets a boundary. Because you talked about certain situations where it is completely intolerable that someone be kept on board.(2) you talk about coaching and counseling people to try to bring them up to standards because you know there are always times where people don't perform up to standards. You want to call them out in a good way. You want to help them. But, at the end of the day,, the firm is not there to be a club; it is there to make money.


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