In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter talks about the importance of training camp for athletes and job hunters.

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Today, I want to offer you some no BS job should drive that is designed to help you really catapulted job search and wind up crossing the finish line a lot faster. Today's advice is really simple.

Let's start off with a scenario. Can you imagine a pro football team or pro basketball team or baseball team that doesn't practice and just shows up and wins? Can you imagine them avoiding trading him and just showed up that 1st Monday of the season and performing well? Can you imagine lots of injuries, lots of guys getting hurt. A lot of women on the basketball court winding up a pulled muscles? Can you imagine this team having a great record and winning a championship ? Frankly, I can't.

Yet this is how a lot of job hunters conduct themselves. They just show up for an interview, they expect to do well and are sharp when they don't. They are shocked when they don't get the job. It's no different. It's really no different for you as a job hunter. You need to get out there and practice. You need to practice with someone else. You need to rehearse your answers to the point where they'll say unrehearsed because otherwise you are nothing more than that athlete who expects the shop on Sunday, having done no practice and expects to win.

I understand in team sports that the other members of the team may carry this person for a given week. Let me give individual sports example. On the tennis court, can you imagine a tennis player who doesn't practice winning many titles? Frankly, I can't imagine it. I don't care if they are visualizing all the time that Paul going over the net and landing the perfect placement, that they are imagining all those overheads that they are smashing or those lobs that land in the perfect spot... It just doesn't work. They have to practice; they have to keep their muscles limber. Time and time again, they have to, over hours and hours of practice, actually hit the ball. You walk into the arena of a job interview unrehearsed, unpracticed and unprepared. Unprepared with no research. Unprepared to answer obvious questions. Unrehearsed for the entire thing.

Let me give you a joke from another YouTube video.

Stop it! There is a Bob Newhart video called, "Stop It!" Go watch it sometime. I think it is hysterical.

I'll simply say stop doing the things that are getting into trouble. You are acting like an amateur when you do that. Get out and do a professionals do. Professionals don't walk into meetings and wing it. They have spent years getting ready. They walk out onto the practice field, they walk into the arena of the game in the stadium and they are practiced. They are at peak condition at just that moment, ready to perform. You need to do much the same sort of thing and get your muscles ready, and your plays down pat so that, in this way, you can nail it.

Now, there's a difference between being well practiced being over rehearsed. I've been watching this 1 series called, "The Next Food Channel Celebrity." 1 of the finalists there is someone who seems to well prepared that they don't connect with people. That is the feedback that she's been getting time and time again. She seems really good and really talented, but is too prepared. There is a fine line when you crossover and just missed the connection that you have to make with people..

Don't over rehearse to the point where you sound canned and phony. You have to always make it seem as though that this is the 1st time that you are saying these words, even if it is the 400th.

Again, practice. Prepare. Rehearse. Sailed wonderful. Send like you talking to your best friend on the other side of the desk.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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