In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter suggests asking for an audition as a way to get more and better job interviews particularly if you have been out of work for a long time.

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I want to talk with you about a way to get more interviews an better quality interviews

Most of you send resumes ou, and are for the phone to ring. Then you go in for an interview where they have a nice conversation with you. This works, well and good but systemically it's bad for you, it him and's bad for the employer.

Why? Because each of you really doesn't learn a lot about one another except, on your side, you're able to show that you are glib and that you have this nice conversational ability; on their side, they're basically talking with you about what they're doing and is not really learning a lot.

So, I want to offer an idea, especially for those of you are been out of work for a long time. I think this is a great way to turn the corner. What I want to suggest to you is the idea of auditioning for the job.

Now, I'm not talking about doing a presentation at a whiteboard, although that can be a legitimate audition technique. What I'm talking about is doing the job for day, doing the job for a few hours, being present, working in their offices and asking for an audition.

And the way you do is real simple. "I am forwarding my resume to you (This is your cover letter; you send a cover letter with your resume)." In the cover letter, you say, "interviews are all fine, well and good, but the best way to really assess someone as to whether they can do the jobs is by having them do the job. So, yes, you can find about my background, and I would be very happy to interview with you, but I also want to offer the idea of an audition to you where I spend half day of a day, a day in your offices doing the work that's necessary."

You just leave it at that point.

They may talk with you about signing a release making sure that in the intellectual property of theirs is protected . . . all that kind of stuff. Although, they may s it ay is unnecessary but what you've done is really done is stand out in their minds.

I'm not saying to do this out of desperation, although for many of you been out of work for a long time now, you may be desperate. But, truthfully when you think about it, what do firms really learn about you on and interview? A Standard interview. What they will do is talk about what you , did how you went about doing it. They can't really get a sense of who you are and how they fit into their team. But by offering an audition, what you're able to do is satisfy that, stand out from others and really really put on a great performance for them.

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