In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter compares dating and interviewing and discourages you from acting like a stalker or a creep.

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There is a thing in dating about being hard to get. I think this is more about women liking men who seem a little bit hard to get . . Or is it the other way around. I get confused about this. . I know for guys, it is the thing about dating, "out of your league" where there is a degree of aloofness that one party of the other experiences as part of the courtship ritual that makes them particularly attractive. Thus, in dating, you don't want to appear too eager because the other person want to slow you down. "Whoa, this person is a creep! He is just hard charging here and not particularly appealing. " For women, the idea that they are going to aggressively pursue a man is sometimes for of as being a stalker. Obviously no one wants to be seen as a stalker and no one want to be seen as a creep. Let's now apply this to job search.

The person who calls employer so frequently is seen as being desperate, as begging for the job. Unfortunately, what seems to happen is that people start to push you away because they're not ready to make a decision. As desirable as you may think these calls are and is desperate as you may feel, it is a turnoff to an employer.

Slow down. You have to work at their pace, even if it isn't yours. I know people are telling you, "Call them. Call them. Call them.Email them. Email them. Email them. Come on. Come on. Come on. " Think about it from their side. You never want to be in the position where you are seen as being a stalker.

I know there are people who call me 3 times a day; I will take their calls. Why? If I had something for them, if I had something to report, I would call them. But the instead, they called me 3 times a day thinking that they will get through to me and I refuse to award the bad behavior. They want attention, but follow this for 2nd. Doing this really keeps me away from doing what I'm really am supposed to do – – help them find a job . . And they are paying me anything!

From an employer's perspective, when they're ready to make a decision , they are going to tell you. You may just drop them a note and simply asked them, "Hi! I haven't heard from you for a while. Has there been any movement on this role?" Not multiple times a day. Not every day. It is ridiculous!

Pause for second. Put yourself in the other person's shoes Is that the way you would want to be treated?

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