Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter tells employers, HR professionals and business owners to stop looking for “team players.”

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Let me talk with you about some of your job descriptions and how ridiculous they can be sometimes. I did recruiting for more than 40 years and it is so rare to see a job description that doesn't talk about team players.

What is it about being a team player that has become so popular in our lexicon?

Do you think a guy like Steve Jobs is a team player? No disrespect to our past president, but you think Barack Obama was a team player?

No! These guys are leaders. These guys are visionaries. Are you trying to hire drones or are you trying to hire exceptional talent who are trying to move your business forward?
You don't want people to have an imagination. You don't want people who can inspire. You just want people to shut up and do a job and, I must tell you, as I talk to people, more and more people pick up on that words responding to those kind of positions.

Many of you have business cards that say you are in the talent acquisition field. The way you act, I think you are trying to hire a little more than bookkeepers. They may have fancy job titles but you really want little more than that.

The result is that most of you are hiring little more than mediocrity. You really want cooperation; you don't want exceptional individuals. I'm not saying you have to hire a renegade maverick unless yours is a startup where you really need to hire people who think creatively and differently.

But for most of you who work for large organizations, I must in all honesty say cut out that phrase. What you're doing is telegraphing the fact that you don't want people to think.

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