Referring to an article by Alain Hunkins about presenting to groups, I discuss getting past “the ugly phase.”

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My friend, Alain Hunkins, wrote an article recently for LinkedIn (that's A-L-A-I-N H-U-N-K-I-N-S) about people who want to build an executive presence. People who want to demonstrate their command and leadership in organizational settings. And he wrote about preparation, calling it "the ugly phase."

The ugly phase occurs when you've done a certain amount of homework, you've prepared your thoughts and the first time you stand up and present to your dog or cat or to the mirror and you do it a few times and the words come out of your mouth and you think to yourself, "Oh this is awful!" And they say, "You know, this is probably good enough." you know you haven't gotten to the point where it's completely refined, where it's second nature to you and you kind of go, "it's good enough." The ugly phase happens in interviewing, as well, as, Lord knows, the first time order to you go on an interview, you have an idea of what you want to say in answering questions, but it comes out of your mouth in a half assed way and you wince afterwards and you blame it on the interviewer. But the fact is, it is you're doing.

The only way to get past the ugly phase is with preparation. As the six Ps from sports is proper preparation prevents (excuse my language) piss poor performance. It'll help you work through these thoughts so they come out of your mouth eloquently.

Now, remember there are people who are professionals and their are people who are amateurs and in business it's easy to spot the amateurs because they're just not prepared. They may have the knowledge but you put them into a situation and you can tell their preparation is inadequate.

Interviewing is the same way except you only have one chance. So, it once you are working for a firm, maybe you have one chance to present to a particular group and you go "Ah! Ah!"and the next time you've learned your lesson. You do it differently.

We build any sort of a lost image in the organization through better preparation but it is a interview, you only one chance because then, I think, it is likely they will reject you.

So take the time to get past the ugly phase in your preparation. There are lots of different questions that you are going to be asked. If you don't know what some of them are, look at my video playlist called, "Answers to Tough Interview Questions," because I have a ton of them there. And, if you want to have some fun with hedge fund brainteasers. There's that playlist as well that you can rehearse with.

But practice doing what you sound like as you answer these questions. Talk to someone. Let them ask the questions of you and demonstrate that you're working through this phase to the point where you appear like a master, to the point where you appear polished.

Another venue that you can improve that, and you're not going to do with interview questions but you would be doing it with hs short extemporaneous one to two minute speeches it is the organization called Toastmasters.

Toastmasters is an international organization where people are refining their public speaking skills. And there's a section of the meetings called Table Topics where you are called up to the lectern, and have an opportunity to speak for one two minutes on some topic that you have no idea what the topic is in advance but what you wind up doing is refining spontaneous speaking which is one of the characteristics of the job interview.

So Toastmasters is another way of doing it although not specifically for a job interview will it help you tremendously.

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