EP 875 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter tells you exactly what to do before your next job interview. 

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Let's talk today about the most important thing you can do before an interview. The answer that is to rehearse.

Let's get practical. When you were in school and you had a test, did you walking cold most of the time, or did you study? Sports teams. You think football teams or basketball teams or baseball teams or soccer teams (I'm in the US, so I refer to the soccer) just run out onto the field and do it, they feel like doing or they think is right? No. They practice place. They practice where to position themselves on the field. Nothing is left to chance . Every once in a while, there is creativity within the framework, but, ultimately, everything is practiced in everything is rehearsed.

And you think you can walk into an interview and wing it, right?

You need to practice as much as the athletes dp. After all, this is your test. This is your opportunity to demonstrate to someone who could potentially be your next employer that you are worth bringing on board. Why are you walking in and winging it?

Within the framework of winging it, let's talk about some of the other things that you need to do.

You need to find out about the firm. Go to the website and learn about them. Do a Google search. Look at their financials. If the role, you want to join an organization that is in trouble or do you want to join an organization that's growing. Do I get a sense of what the profits are?

TheJobMarketBlog.com is no longer in service. Try Googling the firm and the word layoff.

In addition, practice what you are going to say to obvious questions. There any number of websites we can find a list of basic questions that you will be asked of the interview. You need to practice your answers to them. If you're not sure for doing well with your answers, ask a friend to listen. Spend time with them is the interviewer and use the candidate and just show that your practiced. So when you're asked all these obvious questions, you're not just answering questions off-the-cuff.

If the role, the easiest way to blow interview is to be unprepared.

That also involves talk about what you've done and how you went about doing it. Talking about how you helped your organization make money or save money.

It's really very simple. You need to practice. You need to rehearse before your next interview.

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