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There was a question on Quora today., "When applying to jobs, do you prefer filling out forms, one click solutions like on LinkedIn where you can apply using your LinkedIn profile, or a simple career specific email address?"

Let me start by saying that the question has a flaw to it. The flaw is whether you prefer the ease of doing something and you're looking at the question from the job hunter perspective. From the job hunter perspective, everyone wants the one click solution because it involves no effort. But there was a flaw.

The flaw is what gets results? Frankly, one click solutions where they are just sending off your LinkedIn profile, fail more often than not. Because the profile is not tailored to demonstrate what you can do for the organization. It is a generic thing... The same resume sent to job after job. The result is that you are focused on ease of submission; I'm thinking of demonstrating the fit. Employers are thinking of you demonstrating the fit, too.

If your profile happens to do it, great! Unfortunately, most don't. Don't take the lazy way out of here. Submit a resume (or actually contact the hiring manager, finding them using LinkedIn, see if you have a friend who can introduce you) and going in that root, rather than just simply sitting back and saying to yourself, "I would rather just sit back and let someone or something else to all the work... That they don't do.

At the end of the day, the even recruiters want to see something that vaguely looks like what they are trying to find for their clients. Again, don't get lazy about this because you will reap the consequences of that laziness.

Now, you might have the most wonderful skills on the planet but, eventually, it is going to shift and they are not good be quite so dominant. Trust me. There were a lot of Java developers out there who one day ago were heroes and now are ordinary as their skills became commoditized. That is going to happen to you, too,oh, Ruby professional, oh php developer, oh startup maven.. You may be ruling the roost now and hopefully will never need a job again. Your firm may wind up cashing out and you will become a gazillionaire.

However, the question is, what do you prefer? The answer should be, "I prefer a submission that is going to get the best result. One click apply does not do it..

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